September Litter & Future Plans {Texas Siberian Huskies}

We are very excited that Reign and Jasper are due the first part of September. This litter is going to be a little bit different as there is a chance a puppy/puppies or the entire litter will be held back for evaluation. In the past Reign has had 4 pups. At this time I don’t expect this litter to be much different. First pick of course is reserved for The Siberian Legacy and we have someone penciled in for second pick. Anyone interested in this litter should be open to possibilities (color, sex, etc) or hold back on placing a deposit until a pup they like becomes available. I do not have a time table on when this will happen it can be a week or two or more.

At this time we plan on retiring both Tyrion and Ghost. We would like to simplify things a bit and narrow it down to one unalerted male as well as avoid accidental pregnancies as we have have offspring of both males. Jasper is an outstanding boy who represents the breed very well. He defiantly compliments our girls and hopefully helps improve where they are lacking as far as standards. He has a wonderful temperament and personality and we expect to continue to produce wonderfully even tempered, happy, fun loving, puppies. Due to my personal views and a signed contract with Jasper’s breeder, breeding rights will never be available. This is something that has not changed in the past 9 years.

If all goes well I will be starting my Dog Training Certification in September. I need to confirm the work load and expectations before starting. I don’t want to start something I can’t finish especially when so much money is involved. But I feel like this is my calling… that I have to do this… for me. Even if my anxiety says different. I need to do this and see it though. I need something in my life for me.

NOTE: by retiring we mean altering and no longer using as a stud. They are going no where. We would only consider rehoming in extreme circumstances and only if it was in the best interest of our dogs. This is their home!

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