Puppy Culture is an amazing program for puppies 0-12 weeks.

I invested in the Puppy Culture program as well as many of the companion training videos and books. This program is eye opening and has been a terrific addition to my program. I currently use: Puppy Culture Workbook, Puppy Culture Original 0-12 weeks (Video), Shaping Emotional Response (Video), Attention is the Mother of all Behaviors (Video), Killer Free Stacks (video) When Pigs Fly (Book), and Puppy Culture Exercise (Booklet). I am a member of Madcap University where the owner/creator, Jane Messineo Lindquist, of Puppy Culture is releasing more training video and materials. I belong to the Puppy Culture Discussion group where I can network with and learn from other Puppy Culture breeders!

PLEASE NOTE: This is a highly popular program and breeders falsely claim to use the program to make sales! They often imitate what they see other breeders doing but in fact know nothing about the program. If buying a puppy raised with Puppy Culture is important to you, please ask for video proof that the breeder is in fact using the program and not making false claims to make sales!! Puppy Culture Breeders are encouraged to video and share their protocols with puppy buyers and should want to show you your puppies progress.

Puppy Culture is so much more than cute toys in the puppy pen!! Puppy Culture not only tells you how to perform the protocols but it tells you why… it gives you the science to back it up! Puppy Culture creates adventurous, confident puppies who are ready for puppy classes/training. Puppy Culture gives detailed instructions for breeders, trainers and owners on how to provide Puppy Culture protocols at specific developmental stages. Your puppy will start with Early Neurological Stimulation at just days old. They will be introduced to sound desensitization, startle and recovery, daily socialization and enrichment including experiences like bathing, grooming, car rides, and fun enrichment equipment like wobble boards, teeter boards, tunnels, etc. More importantly your puppy will go through specific protocols where they will learn through positive, force free experiences, from taking a treat to clicker training to fun challenges, to crate conditioning to preventing resource guarding, to *manding. This amazing program ensures your puppy will receive the best start in life. We have a closed/private group just for our puppy buyers to follow along as we go though the program. We also have Zoom meetings to discuss protocols and puppy behavior/ The protocols we can complete depend on the readiness of the puppy and or litter, individual puppy developmental stages, and the age they leave.

For more information on Puppy Culture and Puppy Star Right Preschool, you can view my blog post here!

*What is manding? “Manding is an automatic sit in front of a person the puppy is interacting with. It is not a required behavior, or a rule, but rather an acceptable behavior taught to replace jumping on a person. It is not the same as a “sit” command. (it is a choice the puppy makes)  Think of manding as sitting when the puppy would be otherwise jumping up.” Below is a video of our 4.5 week old babies first day learning to mand.

What is Puppy Culture?

A LOOK INSIDE PUPPY CULTURE from Jane Killion on Vimeo.