It is unrealistic to think that any puppy would be fully trained at 8 weeks old. Not only am I am breeder, I am a positive reinforcement trainer specializing in puppy development, socialization and training. I am a certified Puppy Start Right Preschool Trainer, (pursuing my Dog Training Certification). Our puppies all go though age and developmentally appropriate socialization and enrichment activities. All of our Puppies are raised with the Puppy Culture program. We do extensive enrichment and socialization activities, protocols based on developmental stages, as well as introducing clicker training, potty box training, crate conditioning, Introducing collar and leash, we also desensitize puppies to typical household sounds, city and nature sounds as well as fireworks and thunderstorms. We also do in depth socialization and play “games” that help with resource guarding (food, toys, etc). It is up to you to continue to socialize and train your pup.  We recommend all puppies continue Puppy Culture and attend an Early Puppy Socialization class followed by a basic manners class. Please read the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior’s view of the importance of Early Puppy Socialization HERE!

A: No, I do not. I prefer all my pups go to forever loving pet homes. In addition to that I have a contract with my stud’s breeder that I will not offer his puppies with full breeding rights. We do require your puppy be spayed/neutered by 18 months.

A: No, not at this time.

A: No. Deposits are non refundable (but transferable). We do not breed for eye color and do not make guarantees based on eye color even in older pups. If you only want a husky because it has blue eyes I suggest you find a different breeder.

A: Absolutely not and anyone who does is scamming you. There are NO rare coat colors, eye colors and one gender is not worth more than the other!

A: YES! Our pups see our vet at any indication there is a problem.  They ALL see the vet at 8 weeks for a hands on vet check, and a fecal exam.  I do not release our puppies without them first seeing the vet. I provide NeoPar vaccinations at 5 weeks and core vaccinations at 8 weeks. We do not allow our pups to leave without first being checked by our vet.  All records and proof of visit go home with your puppy.

A: Great Question! Our dogs, no matter if they are currenting in our breeding program or retired are our pets/family first and foremost. I am proud to say that their job as companion animals is honestly the most important job they can have in our home. Emotional support, friendship, playmate, cuddle giver… that is their first job. We play training games all the time, it is apart of our daily routine. We bikejor/scooter, and walk as weather permits. Our pups swim in the summer when it’s too hot to do much else. We recently purchased an agility set and we are working with our pack this fall/winter training them to use the equipment. But even with all that you can often find them napping on the couch, or spread out in the sitting room playing and napping.

A: Absolutely not. Which means our health guarantee also is not dependent on you keeping your dogs on supplements. We recommended you consult with your veterinarian about any and all supplements and if they are right for your pup. When we wean our puppies we also supplement with probiotics as well as Nuvet Plus. We believe both of these products are vital for optimal development. To find out more about Nuvet Plus, please click here! But again you are free to pick and choose with your vet’s help the right supplements for you!

A: As stated in our contract we must be contacted if you can no longer care for your puppy. We will either help you find him/her a home or we will take the puppy back! (No Refunds) Puppies are NEVER to be surrendered to a shelter or rescue!

A: All my pack members have very agreeable temperaments. While their personalities differ, they all have very even temperaments.

A: We do not have facilities, dog “mansions”, puppy houses, or outdoor dog kennels. Our dogs live in our home. We do have a room in our home for our dog’s beds/crates, an area that we call the nursery for our whelping moms and puppies, and an area with built in dog rooms with outdoor access that can be referred to as “kennels”. But they are all in our home.

We do not offer tours of our home for safety and security reasons. We are not a petting zoo. We take the safety of our pups and our family seriously. That means not allowing strangers free access to our homes. We are completely candid on how we raise our puppies and have over 12 years experience. We update our social media with current photos and video of our home and our dogs all the time. We offer real time video chat if requested.

Yes. Our contract includes a 72 hour health guarantee. You must take your puppy to the vet within 72 hours of pick up. We also provide a one year genetic guarantee.

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