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About Us:  Our family is a close knit family that loves, argues, makes up and loves some more!  My husband is ex military and currently works as a construction project manager. I am a Puppy Start Right Preschool Instructor and I occasionally work as a substitute teacher. I grew up with dogs. My mom breeder/owner/handler and showed Shelties. As a teen I participated in both conformation and obedience classes at Rob Cary Kennels (Now Rob Cary Pet Resort) in San Antonio.  I accompanied my mother to dogs shows all over Texas and assisted her when needed. Some of my best memories are of that time.  I have 3 children, 2 step children, and 5 grandchildren. My family including our pack are my world. I could not do this without their love support and encouragement. 

Socialization/Training: I am passionate about Early Puppy Socialization and Training. I am a certified Puppy Start Right Preschool Instructor. I am proficient in the Puppy Culture program as well as several of it’s companion videos and books. I have successfully completed the  VSA-Fundamentals of Dog Training and Behavior course and will be pursuing my Dog Training Certification Fall 2021. I have also completed the Avidog Savvy Socialization course and I am constantly continuing my education via books, video, webinars, and courses. You may be surprised to know that puppy socialization is so much more than puppies meeting the neighbor kids and other family pets.  While socialization is important throughout the first year of life, there is a crucial socialization period between 3-12 weeks (up to 16 weeks in some studies). What your puppy learns during this important developmental stage will likely shape his behavior for the rest of his life. We socialize your puppies to novel stimuli including but not limited to people, pets, surfaces, sounds, everyday house hold items, grooming/husbandry, and more. I also introduce clicker training and follow Puppy Culture Protocols. Proper early puppy socialization creates the foundation for enrichment seeking, confident, well adjusted, friendly companions. I support and practice science based, positive reinforcement. You can learn more about my certifications and completed courses HERE.

Our Pack: Our pets are more than a pack, they are our FAMILY! We fell in love with the Siberian Huskies over 11 years ago and had our first litter about 9 years go. Our dogs are on a diet that includes high quality kibble, vitamins, homemade treats and fresh foods that often include fresh meat and pet safe fresh fruits and veggies. Our dogs are inside and outside dogs. They have free reign of our fenced in yard and of our home. You can find them chasing each other around the yard, passed out on the couch, or at my feet while I cook.  All of our dogs are crate trained.  We make use of dog crates, and doggy gates inside when needed, we also have doggy rooms (with air conditioner, ceiling fans and doggies doors to the outside). All of our dogs are up to date on vaccinations and see the vet regularly. Our pack stay with us for life. 

Pregnancy and Whelping:  We take care to only breed our girls if we feel they are healthy and in top shape.  All of our litters are planned out based on how our girls have bounced back from a previous litter, how healthy they currently are, and also if we will have the time to dedicate to the litter.  Our girls take prenatal and postnatal vitamins. We keep a close eye on our girls during both pregnancy and whelping. They will see our vet at any sign of trouble. My flexible work schedule allows to to be home when the pups are born. During labor I try to monitor their progress, offer comfort and support and only step in and assist if needed.

Newborn Through Eight Weeks:

*Starting a just a few days old our pups are handled and begin Early Neurological Stimulation. Neonatal handling is very important. Pups undergo age appropriate socialization and enrichment activities. They will come in contact with all sights, sounds, and smells, of daily household living.  We take care to make sure that they are desensitized to common sounds, including firework sounds, city sounds, as well as nature sounds including thunder storms.

*Puppy Culture: This program goes beyond typical socialization and enrichment. It provides specific protocols at specific developmental stages. From clicker training to crate conditioning to manding, your puppy will receive the best start in life. Watch a Video about Puppy Culture HERE.  We recommend all puppies continue Puppy Culture when they go home or enter another puppy socialization/training program. 

*Pups are on a strict de worming and vaccination schedule. They will see our vet at any indication that something is wrong.  I provide a neopar (parvo) vaccination at approximately 5 weeks old. All pups visit our vet (Lytle Veterinarian Clinic) for a full hands on check up, fecal testing and core vaccinations before leaving us at 8 weeks. If anything is found they will be treated and not released unless the vet says they are healthy are ready to go. Proof of all medical care is provided to you!

*Momma’s have the ability to come and go as they see fit.  We never force moms to stay in with older pups nor do we force them to stay away.  We trust them to nurture and care for their pups.  We only step in if we foresee any issues.   Pups nurse as long as momma allows, we do not force wean. We do begin puppy mush at about 3.5 weeks.  We wean all of our pups on Victor High Pro Plus.  Pups are also given probiotics, as well as nutritional supplements.

*Our puppies are all potty box trained.  Pups are raised with specific sleep, play, and potty areas. We have had great success with our method of potty training.  It will be up to you to continue with potty training. Our puppies are introduced to the outdoors. They have a designated outdoor area that only they use! It is kept clean and sanitized. 

*We also introduce crate conditioning. The process of introducing the crate in a positive way is outlined in Puppy Culture. It will be up to you to continue crate training once the pups are home.

*We provide online meetings with our puppy families to discuss their puppies progress and discuss issues like , “What is Socialization”, “Potty training”, “Crate Training”, “Food and Nutrition”, “Puppy Training Classes” and more! 

*All of our pups stay with mom for 8 weeks. This is a must for proper social development. We to accommodate out of state travelers, please contact me for more info. Our pups will never be released before they receive their complete vet check.

Going Home: Pups will go home after they get the all clear from the vet. I will not allow them to leave before then. They will go home with a contract (you should have already read and agreed to it), medical records, blanket, toys, information sheet, food, free 30 day insurance, Nuvet samples, samples from various canine companies, 72 hour health guarantee and a genetic guarantee, etc. 

*We DO NOT require that you keep your puppy on Nuvet in order to receive our guarantee! But we do feel that NuVet Plus is a quality supplement that has many benefits including Immunity Support . We highly recommend all our puppies be kept on Nuvet for at least the first year. 

*All puppies leave with 30 days free pet insurance that you must activate within 24 hours of pick up. We recommend all puppies stay on insurance as vet care can be costly and you never know when an emergency may arise. 

*Pups go home at eight weeks and final payment is due at that time. Arrangements can be made if pup can not be picked up, but final payment is still due at that time. You can not put off pick up in order to put off payment!!  Dogs staying past 8 weeks may be charged a boarding fee.

COMING SOON:  Puppy Preschool Classes. Sit n Stay Pawsitive  providing socialization, foundation training, confidence building, puppy problem solving and more! 

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