From time to time we get loyal supporters and followers ask us how they can support our program. Honestly, just liking, commenting and following is enough, but we do appreciate when followers see the work and effort we put into raising our dogs and puppies and want to help. While you can find us on multiple social media platforms we have chosen not to monetize. We have opened up our lives, sharing photos, video, and educational information for over 12 years. We are not content creators nor do we consider ourselves influencers. We share because we enjoy it not because we need to make a profit.

This is the link to our Amazon Wishlist with items we use often and need replaced regularly or items we hope to add to our program. You can be assured that everything on this list gets used for our pets, our breeding and or training program. Items include disinfectant, supplements, grooming, bedding, socialization and enrichment/training equipment and toys. We would never dream of soliciting donations, but we do appreciate help when offered. We value our Supernova Family and our followers so very much. Thank you for all your kindness, and support over the past 12 years.