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We have been enjoying our break from breeding. The end of July I turned 50 and on the same day I found out my mother passed away. It was stressful few weeks and my anxiety was out of control. At this same time I started going to the Dr to get my health and wellness in check. It’s been almost 6 weeks since I started my wellness journey and lots of labs and scans and I can say that I am feeling good. I have prioritized my health and made self care apart of my daily routine.

Riri came into heat and pulled in Reign and Mazikeen. We decided to NOT breed them this round. Our boys have been in quarantine and the house has been a bit chaotic, but when is it not?! haha We are spaying my sweet beautiful Millie. She is an amazing momma and had healthy beautiful babies but had to many pregnancy complications. They vet could not explain them other than saying this may be normal for her and left the decision to continue breeding to me. Her happiness and comfort far outweigh the need for puppies. She had a pre surgery exam and has her spay surgery scheduled for next month. I’m not sure she will wait to go into heat but we are hoping.

We skipped Winter’s heat a few months ago and hope to breed her to Jasper on her next heat cycle and than she will retire. During this break we are excited to work on training and learning agility with the new equipment I bought. I am hoping to get more fluent and confident in my training ability and offer puppy training to our puppy parents and our local community. (anxiety and imposter syndrome is very real)

Nikita is doing well but we have noticed a decline in her cognitive abilities. She gets “lost” and seems to forget what she is doing. We are letting my son decide when he feels it is the right time to let her go. He has a bucket list for her. It is very modest but very sweet. She will be 14 in March, we are not sure she will wait that long but my son’s hope was always that she waited until he graduated. He graduates May 2024. We take it day by day trusting she will tell us when she is ready to say goodbye.

  • Picnic at the park with McDonalds: Completed
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Texas Law

A new law concerning dog breeding went into effect as of Sept 1st 2023. It states: “The law will require dog or cat breeders with five or more (previously 11) adult unspayed females to obtain a license to operate under the Texas Occupations Code. Breeding dogs and cats will be considered a profession, so Texas breeders will be held to a higher standard.” It is my understanding that if you breed dogs to compete (conformation, agility, hunting, etc) than exceptions will be made. We at Supernova Siberians have never wanted to be a large breeding facility. Our dogs are our companions first and foremost and they live and have free reign of our home and yard just like any other pet. Our dogs remain with us even after they “retire’ from breeding. This is their home forever. We have been in compliance with this law from the start. We do not plan on having any more than 4 breeding females at any given time. If that changes will be sure to stay within compliance of the state law.

Darling Nikita

A bucket list is a list of the experiences or achievements that a person hopes to have or accomplish during their lifetime. A bucket list is an itemized list of goals people want to accomplish before they “kick the bucket” — or die.

Our family has been discussing the condition of our darling Nikita this past month or so. She is the matriarch of our pack. The OG! She is now 13 and has slowed down quite a bit . She was a birthday gift for my youngest son when he turned 4, he is now (17). He took on his responsibility of a pet the best he could at 4. She was and still is the darling of our family. The best of the best! A year or so ago my son decided he wanted to take on her primary care and he put together a comfy area in his room so she could be to him. While she likes to come out with the family she often looks for secluded places and wants to go back into “her” room. She seems to get confused and times and we find ourselves raising our voices so she can hear us. Even saying that she is doing ok and has great days. But we know the time is nearing. We talked about how maybe it is time to think about a bucket list. To take her on some memory making adventures before she is no longer able. Right now she has more good days than bad and we want to take advantage of that. So we are putting together a list of things we plan to do with her this fall.

We have 3 seniors at varies stages. We love them so much but even more than that, we know they love us! Seeing them through this final stage is not gonna be easy but we wouldn’t want it any other way.

When we put together a list we will share it. We are family! We are pack!

Why so many dogs?

I think with so many new laws being passed locally, it’s time I address why we have so many dogs.

When we ask our puppy parents to be responsible forever pet parents we are not asking anything more of them than we are asking of ourselves. So simply put our dogs are forever. In fact we have some fun stories on how our dogs came to us or how they decided they were never leaving. haha For instance, Rayder and Millie were never suppose to stay. Rayder had 3 homes fall though before I decided no more, he’s just staying. Millie had a home lined up but after months it also fell though. We had bonded by then and I could not let her go. Ghost and Cersei came to us severely emaciated and it took months to nurse them back to health. Rehoming was not an option as we could not see them have to leave yet another home. I guess me and my big heart are the problem. haha

Before I go on I want to stress that I am not taking about other breeders or how they run their program. I acknowledge that we all do this for different reasons, with different goals and in many cases responsible breeders find homes for adults once they retire from showing, and/or breeding. For families that do not want to go though the puppy stage this might be a good option for them. But there are also breeders who breed from first heat until the dogs are seniors and litters are no longer of good size and health. They will often change the names of senior dogs so you do not know they have been breeding the same female for 8+ years and rehome when a profit can no longer be made. So like most things there are 2 or more sides to every situation. I can only speak on ours.

Our dogs are forever and it would have to be in the best interest of the dog for us to ever consider rehoming our pets. While the exact age that dog become seniors can vary by breed size, I can say that half my pack are over 7 and what I consider seniors (or approaching senior status) and 3 of our seniors (Nikita, Zuko and Tyrion) have arthritis and take expensive supplements daily as well as food add ins to support joint health. Senior care can be expensive and it can take a lot of time and care. Not to mention having to decide when it’s time to let them go…. this is not for everyone. We feel it is our obligation to see them though their lives the best we can.

So our pack is big, our dogs are family, over half are altered (no breeding) and when we retire them from breeding and they stay here, with us. We are softies with big hearts, and maybe we haven’t always made the smartest decisions but we love and care for our family.

I can not thank you enough.

On the flip side of my previous post, I want to thank everyone who has been so supportive of us, especially over the past 18 months. From legal issues, life changes, medical issues, loosing our precious Muffin, to us having our entire house rewired, roof replaced, walls built, dry wall replaced, repaired, painted, puppy nursery built, and even now still doing minor remodel projects. You all have been kind, patient and supportive. We even had a Supernova family make it possible to have our Muffin memorialized in a gorgeous commissioned portrait.

Recently we had a supporter make a substantial donation. I was taken aback and hesitant to accept. It was brought to my attention that it is not uncommon for followers and supporters to offer donations to people (influencers, creators, etc) that they follow. This donation was made with a statement saying she knew that there was no way I was making enough to cover what we were putting out in care for our dogs/puppies. I still tear up at the thought that someone noticed our hard work. It is not always easy behind the scenes, it a lot of time, work, missed vacations, and when our dogs retire from breeding they stay here, with us, their family…. forever!

So I want to publicly say THANK YOU! We are so appreciative of your support, from gifts, to donations to your likes, follows, shares and comments. We appreciate you!

If anyone is interested in supporting us, I have made an Amazon wish list with items to support our pack and litters.

Available Puppies & Breeding Rights

Good Morning. I have received several inquiries the past few days about puppies but they fell through because I do not offer breeding rights. Some of these emails were followed up with very harsh unkind words. I have been breeding for over 11 years, and I have never given out breeding rights. With the exception of working with 3 breeder friends. Your threats and harassment will not change that.

I have blogged on this topic before but let me say that breeding is not an easy hobby/business. We breeders have a hard enough time ensuring our puppies end up in responsible forever pet homes who will not rehome, abuse or dump them. I feel the possible outcome with breeders is even more unsure and unstable. In my opinion the rate of rehoming, over breeding, breeding to young, lack of medical care and clean facilities all increase with breeder homes and once the puppies are out of my care it’s impossible to know how they are really being treated.

Not to mention, and more importantly the contract I have with my stud’s breeder that I will not offer his puppies with breeding rights. I honor my contracts, written or verbal.

Please understand it is with care and wanting the best for my puppies that I prefer and will wait for the perfect forever companion home. They are worth it.

Little kicks

I finally felt movement today on both Millie and Maze. They are both due next week. We have some last minute builds in the dog rooms this weekend and then we are done (for now). I can’t wait to show you how great it looks. I’m so proud I may do some lives with the pups. Here is me with Maze helping her get use to her whelping area. This is her first litter so she will be in my room so I can keep eyes on her. All whelping areas have cameras, but I want Maze close.

Meet the Pogues

My son is an Outer Banks fan so we decided that would be a fun litter theme. Reign’s litter was the perfect boy to girl ratio for it. So let me introduce our Pogues.

Left to right: John B, Pope, Sarah, Kiara, JJ. There will be 1 female and 1 male available after picks are made. P4L