Reign Pregnancy week 9 {Texas Husky Breeder}

  • Week 9
  • She may express milk from her nipples.
  • She may also become restless, seek seclusion and in the last few days, soil the house.
  • She will be ‘nesting’ 12-24 hours before the birth
  • Start taking rectal temperatures. Normal is 99.5 to 101. A drop to 97 – 98 on two readings an hour apart will mean the start of pre-labor.
  • Expected date of whelp.
  • Average is 63 days but may take place from the 58th to the 68th day.
  • Keep watching temp drop.
  • Appetite will disappear as whelping approaches.
  • May see a clear discharge from the vulva.
  • At onset of labor may pace, dig, shiver, pant and/or vomit.
  • First fetus will be delivered within 4 hours of the onset of labor.

Reign is doing very well. She is very irritable and enjoys being in the calm puppy room, but she also wants to be with me. So I am back n forth. 😀 I can feel movement and she likes me rubbing her tummy. Her due date is estimated around 9/7 (depends on which calculator I use). As always actual due date depends on the exact time of ovulation and well…. nature. haha

If you have any questions about available puppies from this litter, please feel free to contact me.


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Thanks Etsy {Texas Husky Puppies}

I not a huge fan of collars on newborns, and I’ve had incidents of older playing puppies getting teeth stuck in collars. But I’ve learned that identification collars are super helpful for our puppy families especially while watching our daily videos. I’ve tried over 4 different types and I’m trying another. “Thanks Etsy’ The paracord collars are much better then the velcro. I even purchased a cute set that came with cute keepsake paracord collar bracelets for families. My issue with the paracord collars was I really needed a size in between the newborn and puppy sizes. I found this set and fell in love. I got it with the breakaway clasp hopefully that will prevent injury, they come in 3 sizes and with a go home leash.

Follow along with our September litter and I’ll let you know how I like them.

Mother/Daughter bonds… {Texas Huskies}

We have kept a few offspring over the years. Nikita has Amara and Rayder as well as Stark. Muffin/Autumn has Winter. Reign has both Millie and Mazikeen. They each have different relationships. For instance, Nikita gets excited when she sees Stark and Amara was very doting to Nikita when Nikita lost mobility. Winter is the only one who tolerates her momma’s shenanigans and they get along very well. But Maze….. she is 9 months and is super bonded to her mom. Maze is currently crying because Reign is in the puppy room getting use to it again and not in the carte next to Maze napping. Maze is also pretty close to her sister Millie and we made sure to put Millie on the other side of Maze because we anticipated we may have issues. With Reign due in 2 weeks we are defiantly going to be working on this because I don’t think Reign will want maze in the puppy room with her. And honestly it is not something I would ever risk.

I’m going to go back to offering her a pacifier at nap time and bedtime and make trips in to reassure her. Hopefully after a few days she will get use to it. If all else fails I can move her crate in my room but I’m not sure that will solve much.

I am constantly learning with these guys. Just when I think I got things figured out… lol I’ll keep you updated.

September Litter & Future Plans {Texas Siberian Huskies}

We are very excited that Reign and Jasper are due the first part of September. This litter is going to be a little bit different as there is a chance a puppy/puppies or the entire litter will be held back for evaluation. In the past Reign has had 4 pups. At this time I don’t expect this litter to be much different. First pick of course is reserved for The Siberian Legacy and we have someone penciled in for second pick. Anyone interested in this litter should be open to possibilities (color, sex, etc) or hold back on placing a deposit until a pup they like becomes available. I do not have a time table on when this will happen it can be a week or two or more.

At this time we plan on retiring both Tyrion and Ghost. We would like to simplify things a bit and narrow it down to one unalerted male as well as avoid accidental pregnancies as we have have offspring of both males. Jasper is an outstanding boy who represents the breed very well. He defiantly compliments our girls and hopefully helps improve where they are lacking as far as standards. He has a wonderful temperament and personality and we expect to continue to produce wonderfully even tempered, happy, fun loving, puppies. Due to my personal views and a signed contract with Jasper’s breeder, breeding rights will never be available. This is something that has not changed in the past 9 years.

If all goes well I will be starting my Dog Training Certification in September. I need to confirm the work load and expectations before starting. I don’t want to start something I can’t finish especially when so much money is involved. But I feel like this is my calling… that I have to do this… for me. Even if my anxiety says different. I need to do this and see it though. I need something in my life for me.

NOTE: by retiring we mean altering and no longer using as a stud. They are going no where. We would only consider rehoming in extreme circumstances and only if it was in the best interest of our dogs. This is their home!

Reflecting on the past 4 months {texas husky breeder}

After the last puppy goes home I usually sit with a cup of coffee and reflect on the past few months. What went well, what didn’t, what I can improve on and what I did that worked well.

Millie experiencing pregnancy complications was defiantly new and very hard. I broke down several times as the spotting and clots didn’t stop. I questioned everything and took it to heart. Her health was my priority and I’m am so thankful for a wonderful vet and staff. Even after confirming she lost at least one pup but had at least 4 viable, it was still hard as she continued to spot for another week or so. Holding seven healthy pups was a surprise and a relief. I laugh now because I tell folks this was one of the most rowdy bunch of pups I’ve had in a long time. But now that I think about it they had to be rowdy… these guys held on and survived. They are lil fighters and it showed.

I had a lot going on personally. Like many of us home life can be chaotic but the past few months brought a lot of changes. Kid moving back home, new grandbaby, hospitalizations, husband working out of state and not seeing him for a month at a time….. typical home life stress. But I did what I could. The more I put into practice the things I have learned in my classes about puppy socialization the more it becomes the norm. Puppy Culture is a wonderful program and as always we do as much as we can knowing every lil bit makes a difference. Yes, I could have done more, but we did what we could. I have jotted down notes and may tweek things next time around… it’s trail and error and realizing all litters… all puppies in those litters are different. Breeding is stressful, so many things can and do go wrong no matter how good your intentions are. It’s hard not to throw in the towel, in fact I think about it all the time. But I truly love my pack, and love raising puppies and sharing my love for this breed with other families. Maybe that’s selfish…. but for now we take it one day at time. When the joy is gone, we know it is time to stop. And that will be ok too because I still have my pack, who are my world.

I want to thank you all for your kind words. I’ve never held back that by the time the pups start going on home that I am exhausted. But hearing how much you see and appreciate my/our effort makes it all worth it. I am thankful my continued education benefits my breeding and puppy raising program and I plan to continue that. Who knows it may lead to a whole new venture in the future. 😀 Thank you again to our puppy families, followers and friends for your continued support, love and understanding.


Millie Update [Texas Husky Breeder}

Things have been so busy, I just realized that I never updated on Millie and her babies. On June 10th Millie gave birth to 7 gorgeous babies. I know!! We were shocked at 7! 6 boys and 1 girl. This pregnancy and whelping has taken it’s toll on her though. Due to her refusing food for a great portion of her pregnancy (see below for more info on her pregnancy complications) she is underweight we are working overtime to get weight on her. She is enjoying eating 4 times a day (kibble and fresh foods). She also developed a hot spot that we are taking care of with medicated shampoo and spray. Millie is a wonderful momma and her puppies are growing and gaining weight beautifully. I can not stop looking at them they are all so beautiful. This experience has defiantly been an eye opener and we have learned a lot. As always I want to thank my family for supporting and helping, we are a great team. I also have to thank our vet (Dr B. and her staff at Lytle vet) for being there for us and our pack.

Pack Update

Hey Guys, I wanted to do a quick post to give you a brief update on how things are going here.

Winter: Winter is recovering nicely from her litter. She showed some distress when I returned home from meeting with puppy families without puppies but quickly bounced back. She is back to her sweet loving self. She seems to have permanently integrated in with Muffin and Tyrion and their mini unit.

Reign: We are waiting for Reign to start her cycle. My girls normally go 7-8 months between heats (we are at the 8th month mark) but with new girls in the group it seems several girls have been irregular due to possibly syncing up. Once upon a time all my girls cycled within a week of each other. Not so much now as you may have noticed. She is on a vitamin b complex to help with reproductive health and hopefully encourage her cycle to regulate. Once she is ready she will be paired with Jasper.

Millie: Millie is due in a little over a week. Her pregnancy got off to a rough start (see past entries) but she is doing well. She has a round tummy, enlarged breasts and we can feel movement. I am keeping a close eye on her and might be a bit more protective than normal. Due to early pregnancy complications, we only took one pre birth deposit. All other deposits will take place after the litter is born and thriving. The health of Millie and pups are my top priority. If you are interested in this litter (Millie x Ghost) please send me a puppy questionnaire (application).

Other: Most of the pack have not been to happy with all this rain. I’m not gonna lie, I wouldn’t mind a little break, though I am not ready for 100+ temps. We got the pool set up and Reign and Rayder are in heaven. They are my two water babies. Big changes are coming as my husband will be working out of state. Having my son and his family here has been a sweet blessing. Grandbaby cuddles are wonderful and I enjoy the company. I am hoping to start my Dog Training Certification this summer (early fall at the latest). I keep waiting for things to “calm down” but it doesn’t look like that is gonna happen. Gonna have to just go all in. hahaha

Millie Update

I thought I would give a better explanation of what has been going on with our sweet Millie. She had some spotting that seemed a bit excessive. (More than the rumored implantation bleeding I have heard about) We also had a hard time getting Millie to eat, even with all her favorite fresh foods added in. She just wasn’t eating. After a call to the vet, she advised we keep an eye on it for a couple days. After no change she scheduled blood work and an ultrasound. The ultrasound showed 4 viable sacks (more could be higher up under ribs) and one empty sack (appears she lost one). The blood work was on the higher range of normal. Vet put her on antibiotics as a precaution, vitamin supplement and low activity. She continued to spot for several days after but thankfully it finally stopped. Her tummy is growing and breasts are enlarging. She is eating again which is great news as well. We upset a few folks when we decided not to take a second pre birth deposit. Please know momma’s health is our top priority. Once we know everyone is healthy and thriving we will proceed in taking deposits. Thank you for supporting us and for understanding.

Self Care

Hey guys, this is just a lil apology if I’ve seemed distant. I’ve faced some challenges this past month or so. I tried to take some time for myself this past weekend. I want to thank my family for allowing me to hide away in my room in-between obligations and commitments. Self care (however that looks for you) is so important and not something I am good at. As someone with anxiety I tend to worry about everyone and everything around me and I put myself on the back burner, I’ve learned that leads to burnout and exhaustion. Please be patient as I work on myself while still taking care of everyone around me.