Puppy Socialization in Action {Texas Puppy Trainer}

Contrary to what many breeders and puppy owners think, kids and neighbors playing pass the puppy is not early puppy socialization.

As a Certified Puppy Start Right Instructor I understand the importance of early puppy socialization and how crucial it is for creating a strong foundation.

As a breeder and instructor I try to educate our new families on the importance of exposing young puppies to as many new experiences as possible. We have Zoom meetings to discuss their puppies progress as well as observe socialization and Puppy Culture protocol sessions. We also discuss common puppy behaviors, and the importance of continuing training in a puppy socialization class followed by a training foundations class .

SitnStayPawsitive.com: My Puppy Training Website

Winter’s Expected Litter. {Texas Husky Breeder}

We have several confirmed ties (over several days) between Winter and Tyrion. Expected due date is mid July. Due dates are estimated and can vary depending on ovulation.

We have a really strong waiting list in place and we are now ready to take deposits. Winter typically has 6-7 puppies, so I feel comfortable taking 4 deposits prebirth. Remaining deposits will be taken after pups are born and deposit holders have chosen. Deposits are NON refundable (they are transferable up to 12 months). Please make sure you are stable and ready to commit to the purchase before placing a deposit.

I can not guarantee what gender, eye color or coat color will be available. If you place a prebirth deposit you must be open to the puppies that are born. I can’t control genetics. In the past we have had blue, parti and bi eyed puppies. Brown is always a possibility. We are NOT blue eyed husky breeders. We love the breed not the eyes. All eye colors love you the same! In the past coat colors included, Black and White, Black, Tan and White, and Red and White. Dirty faces and traditional masks as well as standard coats and semi woolly coats are also possible.

Please feel out a puppy application if you are interested in this litter.

Our next litter will be between Reign x Stark. Breeding expected to be in July (pups in Sept) but it all depends on when Reign cycles next.

Split Heat {Texas Husky Breeder}

Once again Mother Nature has thrown us for a loop and we are having another “first” for us. We believe Winter is in the second phase of a split heat. This is absolutely a learning moment and I have researched and contacted a breeder friend with more experience. We are going to keep an eye on Reign and Millie as Winter coming into heat can pull them in and they can possibly sync back up. If this is in fact a fertile heat and Tyrion shows interest we will proceed with breeding as we have a nice waiting list started. Otherwise we will wait it out and see how her cycle regulates and proceed from there. At this time he is showing little interest, but that can change once she starts ovulating.

“On the first stage, the bitch will naturally attract male dogs and you will usually see vaginal bleeding and vulvar swelling. Up until now, it seems like a very normal heat. The problem is that the female does not move to the normal oestrus phase but instead goes out of heat without being receptive and ready for breeding. The second and final phase of the cycle will roughly take place 2 weeks to 3 months later. Most times it happens, no medication will be given or required and the upcoming cycle will retain the normal schedule.” breedingbusiness.com/abnormal-heat-in-dogs

Introducing Zoom Meetings

I am super excited to use Zoom for virtual meetings with Puppy Families. I have already been brainstorming and setting it up for virtual puppy preschool classes. Because we do Puppy Culture and I am certified Puppy Start Right Instructor, it made since that we take this time to allow you to observe the Puppy Culture Protocols and to Problem Solve common puppy issues BEFORE they go home! This is a huge addition to our program that I hope will benefit puppy families.

Scheduling my be short notice as the puppies get older because the protocols are done based on development and not age. I do have the first 2 meetings scheduled. I’ll try to have future meetings planned at least a coupe days in advance.

Thur April 22nd: Introducing a potty area. Discussion to include potty boxes, getting your puppy area set up, potty/house training. Puppy Show Off. 7:30pm – 8:00pm

Thur April 30th: Introduction to Solids. Discussion to include, foods, treats, add ins (toppers), supplements. Puppy Show Off. 7:30pm – 8:00pm

While NOT necessary, Puppy Culture (The Powerful First 12 weeks) is available for purchase and/or video on demand streaming if you would like to broaden your knowledge and or follow along. Order HERE.

Just Ordered Our Nuvet {Texas Siberian Huskies}

Hey Guys. Happy Saturday. I talked to my Nuvet Rep and I got our puppy samples ordered. Remember the samples only last 3 days,order early to have on hand if you want to continue them. You are under NO obligation to purchase and unlike other breeders I DO NOT require you to keep your puppy on them in order to receive our health guarantee. But if you are interested in a vitamin supplement we highly recommend Nuvet Plus and Nuvet Joint. I purchased extra to get Amara on them as well to help her with milk production and to recover from puppies.

CALL NOW TO ORDER 800-474-7044

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*I do receive a small commission for sales.

Fury enjoying his “extras” {Texas Husky Puppies}

So this is the first time I have supplemented a puppy just to make sure he gets enough and to help momma out a bit. Fury is our runt. I’m not a fan of that term so let’s just say he’s the little guy. Born strong just half the size of his litter mates. He seems to be doing great, but because his big brothers get a bit pushy at the milk bar we are offering him a bottle and giving him one on on one with momma. 😀 I will try to get one week photos taken and uploaded this weekend.

This is the room and environment the puppies are in. It is the same room we have used for the last several years. (It is one of the rooms we have not remodeled yet.) It is upstairs so it is secluded from the pack, and right next to my master bedroom.