Reign Pregnancy Week 7 {Texas Husky Puppies}

Week 7: Sat, Oct 17th – Fri, Oct 23rd

  • She may shred papers, blankets or bedding in an attempt at “nest building” in the last weeks.
  • During the last 2 weeks, your pet may become irritable and should avoid contact with small children.
  • Moderate exercise is the proper approach. Neither forced rest nor strenuous exercise is a good idea. Short periods of gentle play and short walks are good..
  • You may feel the puppies now but counting them may be a bit more difficult.
  • Definite abdominal enlargement.
  • Abdomen hair will start shedding.

Reign is doing well. We are now entering her 7th week of pregnancy. She is spending short amounts of time in the puppy room. She continues to stay close to me and loves pets n cuddles. Her tummy is not overly large but it is defiantly thicker/fuller. At this time I think litter size will be pretty close to her previous litter size. (4) Of course it is still a bit early as the puppies will continue to grow. We continue to feed Reign her kibble with nutritional toppers/add-ins.

Reign Upcoming Litter {Texas Husky Breeder}

I want to first thank you all for being patient and understanding when it comes to the lack of updates. The past month was a bit crazy with Nikita’s medical scare my daughter’s sad news about her, Belle and of course me trying to get my class completed. If I somehow missed an email or message from you during this time, please reach out to me.

Reign is doing well. We have noticed thickening around her middle and of course I have already commented on her moodiness. She has not experienced any morning sickness and never misses/refuses a meal. She craves my attention and closeness but the pack drive her nuts, she has no time for their shenanigans. *haha* Her favorite spot is next to me on the couch and she is not in the mood to share. Luckily, the pack mostly ignore her. I will be starting the weekly pregnancy update for anyone who enjoys following along.

The next several weeks I will be getting things ready, rewashing blankets and bedding, disinfecting the whelping pool, floors as well as equipment and toys. I also have supplies to restock and order.

Pre birth reserve spots (deposits) are full. We will take remaining deposits once the litter is born. This ensures we do not take more deposits than we have puppies. Because deposits are non refundable I feel it is a bad practice to lock potential families (buyers) into buying from us. Not every one wants to roll over their deposits and wait for the next litter. If you have any questions please feel free to email me!

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I did it! {Texas Husky Puppies}

Yesterday I successfully completed the Fundamentals of Dog Training and Behavior course. I can not wait to pursue my dog training certification. I hope to start that intensive (in depth) course Spring 2021!

Dog training is unregulated meaning anyone can call themselves a trainer and practice on your pets. Please research your trainer, their background and their methods before attending classes or more importantly, leaving your pet for any type of board and train!

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Bullymake box! {Texas Huskies}

So after over a year of procrastinating I finally ordered our huskies a 3 month subscription to BullyMake. One thing I love about Bullymake and why I chose it over other companies is that they have a Toy Only option. With a pack our size I spend a fortune on toys only to have most last a few hours at most!

My pack love the toys and I plan to continue with Bullymake after our 3 month superscription ends. I just found out every account comes with a ‘Refer a Friend” code. So if you decide to join please use our linking code (link below). If you do use it we earn a coupon for a free toy! Our pack would thank you greatly.

We purchased the Toy Only Box and used the code “FREETOY” at check out for an additional free toy in each box! Purchase your box HERE!

What’s new? {Texas Huskies}

Hi guys. I hope you all are doing well. As the world seems to be getting crazier I find myself turning inward and I am so thankful for my little place in this world. My family and our pack have been my sanctuary. I am excited to share that I enrolled in a Fundamentals of Dog Training and Behavior course today. This is a course will jump start my knowledge and tide me over until I can hopefully take the complete dog training certification course next year. Being a certified Puppy Start Right Instructor I still plan to focus on puppy socialization and puppy foundation training but I feel having my dog training certification will broaden my knowledge and make me a more well rounded and credible trainer.

Dog training is unregulated meaning anyone can call themselves a trainer and take your money. Please research before hiring a trainer or attending a class. Not only do you run into frauds there are also many different training styles. For instance I am a positive reinforcement trainer and do not use adverse tools of any kind.

Reign is doing well and if her moodiness is any indication we should be having puppies next month. I hope to have my course completed before pups are born. As always if you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

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Continuing Education & Independent Study

I am taking this time to continue my education via courses and independent study. From books to video to webinars and even course work I am enjoying keeping myself busy and learning more about breeding, puppy development, canine behavior and training. My plan to start my training certification has been put on hold until spring of 2021 (thanks covid) but I will be taking a Fundamentals of Training and Behavior course this fall.

I just completed a wonderful Savvy Socialization (breeders/owners) course. I fully enjoyed this class and Gayle Watkins’ take on socialization and how we can improve and add to it. It addressed things I often thought myself. I look forward to implementing this into not only my puppy raising but also my puppy socialization and foundation training classes.

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Taking a break

Winter and Tyrion’s sweet Snowflakes have went home. We are so happy they all have found such amazing homes. The love and joy on our puppy families faces when they hold their puppy for the first time is truly heartwarming. We wish them all a wonderful journey and fun filled adventures! Remember We are Family, We are Pack!

I will be taking a little social media break. Not sure how long but I need some time to decompress. Of course my desire to share my silly pack is strong so I may upload photos via Instagram, which will automatically post to Facebook. If you need anything you can still reach me via email. When I come back we will be counting down the weeks until Reign’s sweet little Raindrops get here!


Changes to Upcoming Litter

Unfortunately, Reign and Stark did not breed. It could have been anything from bad timing on my part (too early) to simply lack of interest. I am disappointed, but I know we can’t control nature. I am blessed to have a Stark baby in Winter and may keep a Stark grandbaby at some point.

We made the decision to place Reign with Ghost. We can confirm 3 ties on 3 separate days. If all goes as planned, the estimated due date is in early November. This will be the first pairing between these two. Based on pedigrees we can expect Agouti, Black, Tan and White and traditional colors like Black and White as well as Grey and White. We have a slim chance of whites but honestly I don’t expect it. I also do not expect red n white. A variety of coat types from standard to woolly are a possibility. Brown and blue eyes are expected but bi eyes and parti eyes are always possible. There are no guarantees. But I promise brown eyes love you just as much as blue eyes!

I do still have first pick, which means females will be placed on hold until I can make my choice. This can take 3-4 weeks. I will be taking one Pre birth deposit with the remaining deposits being taken after birth.

Crubside Appeal and Photo Ops!

Breeders are increasingly adding “toys” to puppy play areas. Now this is not necessarily a bad thing. Enrichment is great. But I am seeing a huge focus on adding toys for appearances and not for actual socialization and enrichment. This can actually create much of the things responsible breeders are trying to avoid though socialization programs and protocols. Many breeders are not educated in puppy development including socialization periods and puppy growth. Forcing puppies onto toys for photo ops and or allowing them to climb and jump, from unsafe heights can have severe consequences. Safety and purpose should be the focus.

While searching for a breeder please understand that throwing toys in a play area does not mean the breeder has the knowledge or is putting in the work to raise puppies with a solid foundation. It looks good but ask about how they raise their puppies and or to see the video of the work they are doing to give their puppies the best start.

Please note that not all breeders provide early socialization and that is perfectly ok, but they shouldn’t lie about it or give a false impression that they are. As programs like Puppy Culture become popular, more and more breeders are lying about using the program to boost sales. I have read that the Puppy Culture creators are working to try to provide a way buyers can verify that breeders are actually participating and using the program correctly. Until then it is recommended to ask for video of them using the program and the results they are getting. They should be eager to share this with you!

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Upcoming Litter {Texas Husky Breeder}

Our final planned litter for 2020 is between Reign and Stark. This will be Stark’s final litter. We expect Reign to come into heat at anytime based on the 6 month average. I unfortunately can not control nature and like human females cycles can be late, and or irregular. Millie has finally started her cycle and because girls often sync up I expect Reign will be starting anytime.

Reign has had smaller size litters previously (4 puppies). I do plan on holding back the females for evaluation. So while males will be available for deposit early, females will not be available for several weeks (after I have picked). I will take one deposit once we have a confirmed breeding. All other deposits will be taken after the litter is born.

*Sire is subject to change. There are many reasons this can happen. If it does I will update asap.

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