UPDATE: Due to COVID19 there will be NO in person visits and pickup will take place off my property. 

In general I do not allow puppy visits before pick up. This is not because I am mean, rude or have something to hide. It is because I value the safety and health of my puppies and pack. This is also a safety measure for myself and my family!

There are many ways you can observe your pups without visits.  I upload photos and video daily. We also have facebook live, skype and video chat/calls.

Allowing puppy visits before pick up will be on an individual basis.

Rules when visiting my home:

-You may only visit if you have already placed a deposit.

-You may only handle your puppy!

Before you visit my home, I ask that you please:


-Wear freshly laundered clothes and clean shoes

-Do not handle any other animals before arriving at my home

-Do not walk where animals may have pottied (grassy areas, parks, rest areas)

-Come straight here if possible

-DO NOT visit other breeders homes or kennels.

When entering my property I will ask that you:

-Wipe the bottom and soles of your shoes with beach/disinfectant wipes that I will provide.

-Use hand sanitizer

-If entering my home, I may ask you to remove shoes completely

If you have any questions about my visiting policy, please feel free to ask!