My “Facilities” {Texas Huskies}

Hey guys. It never fails that at least once per litter I get someone asking for the chance to inspect and tour my facilitates. I understand that well meaning animal “experts’ recommend this for anyone purchasing puppies and it is suppose to somehow prove the breeder is reputable and responsible.

Unfortunately, this is not a reality. The first issue is that this assumes one has “facilities” to begin with. Not all breeders are commercial breeders or large kennels with the need for large facilities. Some breeders (large and small) offer tours of their property, and kennels and that is great that they can do that. But for many of us our “facilities” is our home, and the idea that in order to prove I am reputable I must allow strangers into my home to inspect my office area, spare room or even master bedroom where I may have my litter of pups is a little nuts and also infringes on my safety and private life. No one wants to see my bra hanging out of a drawer. *hahaha*

There is also safety issues to address. Again people who commercially breed or have large kennels may be totally fine with strangers visiting, but my facilities is my home. Having strangers in and out brings with it safety issues for my family and my dogs. There are stories all the time of puppies being stolen, breeders assaulted and even killed. While others may be fine with that risk, it is not one I am willing to take. There is also bio security issues. I have always taken bio security very seriously. Some are willing to take risks with bio security to get you on the property and make sales but I’m not. Certain diseases can wipe out litters as well as stay in the ground for years. I don’t have facilities where I can simply move my pups to a different area of my property if God forbid something was brought in. While we use crates, doggies rooms with outdoor access, all of this is in my home. A place I need to feel safe. I think many of you can relate.

Another thing to factor in is this…. if you have a deposit down on a puppy you expect me to keep them safe and healthy, correct? Do you want a revolving door of visitors in your puppies’ area, holding them or their siblings and exposing them to possible diseases? I’m guessing the answer is no.

Pre Covid19 I did allow pick up on my property with several bio security requirements in place. I take this virus very seriously as I have several family members at risk due to medical history and or current medical conditions (pregnant, etc). Right now I can not take chances therefore we have to err on the side of caution. I hope you all understand. At this time pick up is taking place off my property and masks and social distancing is required.

What about socialization? As you know I am well educated in Puppy Socialization and that includes puppy socialization in the time of Covid19. Rest assured your puppy is getting introduced to novel stimuli daily. All that is well explained and for you to observe in videos and live meetings. (see below)

Now I have several things in place to hopefully make up for the lack of in person visits and facility inspections. I am one of the few breeders that I know of who take photos and video almost daily. Not just when I have pups, but all the time. You can go though Instagram or Facebook and see how my dogs live, how we interact, play, spend our time and how our pups are raised. I am totally transparent. I offer live in real time meetings with all our new puppy parents, almost daily NON STAGED video and or photos of your puppies in the actual environment they are raised in. I do not move them for video or photo ops (except for weekly more professional type photos). You see their whelping area, weaning pen, outside area, etc. I think once you see this, it will put your mind at ease. If you feel you MUST inspect facilities/kennels/homes in person then I respect that and finding a different breeder may be best for you. At the end of the day we all have to do what’s best for us, our families and our dogs/animals.

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