Reign Pregnancy Week 8 {Texas Husky Breeder}

Week 8: Sat Oct 24 – Fri Oct 30

  • Dam begins to spend a lot more time grooming herself.
  • Her breasts become swollen as her milk forms.
  • Nesting begins as she looks for a place to have her puppies… Make sure you have her box or spot ready..
  • The dam may not have as big of an appetite during this period. Her abdomen can be crowded with puppies.
  • Offer your girl as much as she will eat several times a day rather than one huge meal.
  • Pups have fur and are more active in their crowded space.
  • They move to get into position for birth.
  • You can feel the puppies move now.
  • See if you can get her used to her whelping box

Reign is starting to lose the fur on her tummy. She is eating well. She is a bit restless and we are spending time in her whelping pool snuggling and cuddling. This week I will be getting whelping supplies restocked and making sure all the towels and bedding is re washed and ready.

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