Reflecting on the past 4 months {texas husky breeder}

After the last puppy goes home I usually sit with a cup of coffee and reflect on the past few months. What went well, what didn’t, what I can improve on and what I did that worked well.

Millie experiencing pregnancy complications was defiantly new and very hard. I broke down several times as the spotting and clots didn’t stop. I questioned everything and took it to heart. Her health was my priority and I’m am so thankful for a wonderful vet and staff. Even after confirming she lost at least one pup but had at least 4 viable, it was still hard as she continued to spot for another week or so. Holding seven healthy pups was a surprise and a relief. I laugh now because I tell folks this was one of the most rowdy bunch of pups I’ve had in a long time. But now that I think about it they had to be rowdy… these guys held on and survived. They are lil fighters and it showed.

I had a lot going on personally. Like many of us home life can be chaotic but the past few months brought a lot of changes. Kid moving back home, new grandbaby, hospitalizations, husband working out of state and not seeing him for a month at a time….. typical home life stress. But I did what I could. The more I put into practice the things I have learned in my classes about puppy socialization the more it becomes the norm. Puppy Culture is a wonderful program and as always we do as much as we can knowing every lil bit makes a difference. Yes, I could have done more, but we did what we could. I have jotted down notes and may tweek things next time around… it’s trail and error and realizing all litters… all puppies in those litters are different. Breeding is stressful, so many things can and do go wrong no matter how good your intentions are. It’s hard not to throw in the towel, in fact I think about it all the time. But I truly love my pack, and love raising puppies and sharing my love for this breed with other families. Maybe that’s selfish…. but for now we take it one day at time. When the joy is gone, we know it is time to stop. And that will be ok too because I still have my pack, who are my world.

I want to thank you all for your kind words. I’ve never held back that by the time the pups start going on home that I am exhausted. But hearing how much you see and appreciate my/our effort makes it all worth it. I am thankful my continued education benefits my breeding and puppy raising program and I plan to continue that. Who knows it may lead to a whole new venture in the future. 😀 Thank you again to our puppy families, followers and friends for your continued support, love and understanding.


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