Millie Update [Texas Husky Breeder}

Things have been so busy, I just realized that I never updated on Millie and her babies. On June 10th Millie gave birth to 7 gorgeous babies. I know!! We were shocked at 7! 6 boys and 1 girl. This pregnancy and whelping has taken it’s toll on her though. Due to her refusing food for a great portion of her pregnancy (see below for more info on her pregnancy complications) she is underweight we are working overtime to get weight on her. She is enjoying eating 4 times a day (kibble and fresh foods). She also developed a hot spot that we are taking care of with medicated shampoo and spray. Millie is a wonderful momma and her puppies are growing and gaining weight beautifully. I can not stop looking at them they are all so beautiful. This experience has defiantly been an eye opener and we have learned a lot. As always I want to thank my family for supporting and helping, we are a great team. I also have to thank our vet (Dr B. and her staff at Lytle vet) for being there for us and our pack.

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