Pack Update

Hey Guys, I wanted to do a quick post to give you a brief update on how things are going here.

Winter: Winter is recovering nicely from her litter. She showed some distress when I returned home from meeting with puppy families without puppies but quickly bounced back. She is back to her sweet loving self. She seems to have permanently integrated in with Muffin and Tyrion and their mini unit.

Reign: We are waiting for Reign to start her cycle. My girls normally go 7-8 months between heats (we are at the 8th month mark) but with new girls in the group it seems several girls have been irregular due to possibly syncing up. Once upon a time all my girls cycled within a week of each other. Not so much now as you may have noticed. She is on a vitamin b complex to help with reproductive health and hopefully encourage her cycle to regulate. Once she is ready she will be paired with Jasper.

Millie: Millie is due in a little over a week. Her pregnancy got off to a rough start (see past entries) but she is doing well. She has a round tummy, enlarged breasts and we can feel movement. I am keeping a close eye on her and might be a bit more protective than normal. Due to early pregnancy complications, we only took one pre birth deposit. All other deposits will take place after the litter is born and thriving. The health of Millie and pups are my top priority. If you are interested in this litter (Millie x Ghost) please send me a puppy questionnaire (application).

Other: Most of the pack have not been to happy with all this rain. I’m not gonna lie, I wouldn’t mind a little break, though I am not ready for 100+ temps. We got the pool set up and Reign and Rayder are in heaven. They are my two water babies. Big changes are coming as my husband will be working out of state. Having my son and his family here has been a sweet blessing. Grandbaby cuddles are wonderful and I enjoy the company. I am hoping to start my Dog Training Certification this summer (early fall at the latest). I keep waiting for things to “calm down” but it doesn’t look like that is gonna happen. Gonna have to just go all in. hahaha

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