Mother/Daughter bonds… {Texas Huskies}

We have kept a few offspring over the years. Nikita has Amara and Rayder as well as Stark. Muffin/Autumn has Winter. Reign has both Millie and Mazikeen. They each have different relationships. For instance, Nikita gets excited when she sees Stark and Amara was very doting to Nikita when Nikita lost mobility. Winter is the only one who tolerates her momma’s shenanigans and they get along very well. But Maze….. she is 9 months and is super bonded to her mom. Maze is currently crying because Reign is in the puppy room getting use to it again and not in the carte next to Maze napping. Maze is also pretty close to her sister Millie and we made sure to put Millie on the other side of Maze because we anticipated we may have issues. With Reign due in 2 weeks we are defiantly going to be working on this because I don’t think Reign will want maze in the puppy room with her. And honestly it is not something I would ever risk.

I’m going to go back to offering her a pacifier at nap time and bedtime and make trips in to reassure her. Hopefully after a few days she will get use to it. If all else fails I can move her crate in my room but I’m not sure that will solve much.

I am constantly learning with these guys. Just when I think I got things figured out… lol I’ll keep you updated.

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