Thanks Etsy {Texas Husky Puppies}

I not a huge fan of collars on newborns, and I’ve had incidents of older playing puppies getting teeth stuck in collars. But I’ve learned that identification collars are super helpful for our puppy families especially while watching our daily videos. I’ve tried over 4 different types and I’m trying another. “Thanks Etsy’ The paracord collars are much better then the velcro. I even purchased a cute set that came with cute keepsake paracord collar bracelets for families. My issue with the paracord collars was I really needed a size in between the newborn and puppy sizes. I found this set and fell in love. I got it with the breakaway clasp hopefully that will prevent injury, they come in 3 sizes and with a go home leash.

Follow along with our September litter and I’ll let you know how I like them.

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