What’s Up

So we have lots going on. Just a brief run down.

Future Breeding: Amara will be getting altered (fixed) within the next few weeks. Our vet ask us to wait about a month after pups go home for her to fully recover. We will move forward with Winter, Reign and possibly Millie. As you know keeping Millie was not in the plans, so we will see how things look once she matures and fills out. We do plan on keeping a Reign/Stark baby. This has been the plan since their previous litter. My daughter will be getting Stark fixed after this breeding.

Training Certification: I am taking this summer to do some independent study. I still plan to pursue my Dog Training Certification this fall/winter. While my focus/specialization will remain on Early Puppy Socialization and Foundation Training I feel this certification will make me well rounded and I will have the ability to branch out if needed.

Puppy Classes: I am currently only offering virtual classes and virtual one on one. Private classes and group classes are on hold until early 2021.

Working the Dogs: We are working with Tyrion and Rayder on learning mushing terms and hope to have them on the scooter this fall. Texas is super hot and we are counting down for cooler weather and morning runs! We are still working with Millie and I am looking into CGC and possible trick certifications. 😀

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