Meetings, Live Steams, Puppy Cams & more

Meetings: As one of the first breeders (the only one I know who does) to implement puppy family only virtual meetings, I have decided to continue these and make them a permanent part of our program. In these meeting we discuses litter progress, problem solve common puppy behaviors, foundation training, socialization and more. You are essentially getting a lite version of my puppy training class! The goal is to help you as much as possible to keep you from becoming frustrated and to keep puppies in their homes!! *I am certified to teach this information!

Live Streams: Facebook Live steams are broadcast from our Private Supernova Siberians Group only! This group is for our puppy families and deposit holders only! You will see socialization, enrichment and our Puppy Culture Protocols in action! We just don’t “say” we “do”!! Remember Puppy Culture is selling point and many breeders “say” they do it but simply don’t or they imitate what they see others do without knowing the science behind it and often do it incorrectly!!

Puppy Portal: Our Puppy Portal is located on our website and is for current puppy families (buyers) only. It is password protected and contains info, photos and updates. We plan to improve this area and it may contain “Puppy Cams” in the future.

One on One: We also offer one on one virtual pre pick up meetings where we can go over paperwork and address any concerns you may have.

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