Prices, Propaganda, Embellishments, Lies.. OH MY! {Texas Husky Breeder}

Breeders all price their puppies differently. Some price based on quality (show quality, vs pet quality) some based on pedigree (bloodlines), some on the type of registration, some on the time and effort they put into raising the puppy, some are priced to sell fast, some are priced to make as much profit as they can, and some are priced by location and the going rate…… What a breeder chooses to charge for their puppies is their business, and there is no right or wrong….unless what they charge is based on propaganda, embellishments, and lies.

When you decide to purchase a puppy from a breeder, I hope that you research them, and ask them questions about their breeding program. Some warning signs to look for are breeders who charge more for gender, color (eye or coat) coat type (woolly), etc. There are no rare colors or coats in the husky breed and one is not more valuable then another. With the exception of woolly coats, woolly coats are considered faults in the show ring and are not breed standard so if you are looking to show or want a puppy that represents breed standards, you would want to stay away from woolly. While some registration may have a higher value depending what you are looking for (show vs pet), a non registered pup should never be higher than a registered pup. Also if a person claims the dog has champion lines or working lines, ask to see the pedigree, anything back further then 3 generations has very little effect on the puppy being sold. Watch out for people who make up things like “gold champion” and “double champion”. If the parents are being shown or are championed the breeder will be happy to show you proof by showing ribbons, photos of the dog with ribbons and judge and or certificates. Ask for proof of all claims made by the breeder, they should gladly supply it. In general pet quality prices should be greatly lower than show quality pups. I would question why a pet quality breeder is charging more than a show breeder. If the breeder says their prices are based on their lines, ask what makes them so special, they should be able to tell. Also anyone can buy a service dog vest and put it on their dog. That has very little merit without proof of the dog preforming it’s task. There is a huge difference between a dog who preforms a service/task and an emotional support animal….. one needs extensive training the other doesn’t. If they claim to train the pups, that they are seen by a vet, that they have health certificates, etc ask for documentation. Watch out for breeders who make outrageous claims about themselves,like being a veterinarian or a trainer. ASK FOR PROOF!!

Our current price for puppies is $850. I welcome all questions you may have about our prices. I raise pet quality puppies, sold on a spay/neuter contract. Our puppies are akc and or ckc registered. I provide the neopar (parvo) vaccination at about 5.5 weeks and our vet not only provides a hands on check up and fecal test (for parasites and protozoa) but they now administer the first combo shot at approximately 7.5 weeks. This guarantees the shot was in fact administered and administered properly but also that your vet will accept it and not re vaccinate. Many vets do not accept shots given by breeders and will restart the series, this is not only an added cost for you but also puts your puppy at risk for being over vaccinated. Puppies are sold with a 72 hour health guarantee and a genetic guarantee. Your puppy goes though ENS (early neurological stimulation) and is potty box trained making the transition to potty training seamless. We introduce age appropriate socialization and enrichment actives that include sights, sounds and smells. We have invested in the Puppy Culture program and each puppy is given one on one attention as they go through the Puppy Culture protocols. Puppy Culture introduces clicker training, introduces crate training and focuses on shaping a well rounded puppy with a great a temperament that easily adapts to new situations and is ready for more extensive puppy training that we hope you will continue. We video and photograph their progress. Our puppies are whelped and raised indoors in a clean environment where they quickly get accustom to family living and get attention from all family and pack members. We have 3 generations of dogs in our breeding program. Tyrion has working lines starting in his 3rd generation and Reign has champion lines starting in her 3rd generation and working lines starting in her 4th generation. Even so, I do not use that information to sell pups, and while that information can be considered fun facts, I personally feel that has little merit. Prices are subject to increase depending on many factors including on if we provide additional care for our puppies and if we use an outside stud with a valued pedigree (for example if we breed Reign to a show quality stud)

I think our current pricing is fair based on the care we provide for our pups, the work we put into our pups and in some cases the pedigree of our pups. Our pricing is about mid range in our location, meaning there are breeders who charge less and and breeders who charge more.

At the end of the day you pay for what you value and what you want in a pup and that is ok. I just hate to see good people lied to and manipulated into purchasing a pup. I have seen people brag about their show quality pups in groups only to be told their pup is far from show quality. There was even a recent headline about a breeder in San Antonio selling pups with forged vet documents. It is sad and heartbreaking the lengths people will go to to sell a dog.

There are great breeders locally and nationwide. If I do not have what you are looking for I have no problem recommending a breeder who might.

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