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There is a lot of hype and misinformation surrounding Puppy Culture. So I wanted to share my experiance with it.

I was originally a skeptic. I had a hard time believing breeders needed a program to raise puppies. I have been using enrichment, practicing socialization, even doing potty box training and crate conditioning all without Puppy Culture for over 6 years. After hearing many breeders bragging about it, I decided to invest in the program to see what it was all about. I was very intrigued by what I saw. I began incorporating Puppy Culture protocols into our program. I loved how the science behind these protocols were explained. The results were amazing and it took what I was already doing and expanded on that by a thousand! These little guys are so smart and ready to learn. My husband was beyond annoyed that I was spending so much money on the program because he felt I was already doing so much…. but he was blown away when he watched our puppies successfully manding. He fully supports the program now. I am committed to raising our puppies with this program and I am inspired to re train my adults.

With that being said I want to clear up a few things about the program.

*Puppy Culture is not the same as typical enrichment and socialization. Yes, It involves both concepts but it is so much more. So don’t let cute toys and fun equipment in a puppy pen confuse you. Puppy Culture is specific protocols introduced at specific stages of development. You can watch a video about Puppy Culture HERE.

*I am not a better than anyone else because I use Puppy Culture and you can certainly purchase a healthy, happy puppy that hasn’t been raised with Puppy Culture. But for me, I feel I am a better breeder than I was a year ago and I feel it is up to me to make sure I offer puppies who well rounded, even tempered, properly socialized, and who are emotionally and physically ready for family life.

*Puppy Culture is ideal for puppies 0-12 weeks but many of the protocols can be introduced at a later stage In fact I recommended all my buyers continue with Puppy Culture when they bring their puppies home. It is not to late to use Puppy Culture for your puppy even if they were not raised with it!! If you would like to purchase Puppy Culture or view all the video and books in the program please click HERE.

If you have any questions about my program or how I raise my puppies please feel free to message me. .

Videos of our puppies Manding: For more info on Manding Click HERE:

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