What’s New: {Texas Husky Breeder}

What’s New: 
All our puppies found wonderful homes and we are so thankful for our new puppy parents. We have 2 puppies that leave us Saturday and as always it will be bittersweet. I can use the rest but will miss them so much.

I have stared to look forward and plan for future litters. I outlined our plans on the website under “upcoming litters”. I am going to be completely honest I have no idea when the girls will cycle next. They synced up last heat which knocked several out of their normal cycle. I am going to assume the “typical” 6 month cycle but please note that my girls were previously cycling every 8/9 months. So all dates are estimates. 😀 If all 3 girls remain synced up I will breed 2, skip one then next time breed one, skip two. So have only 1 or 2 litters at a time and the girls will skip heats between breeding. With the amount of work we do with each litter it is best to limit the litters so we can give each puppy the attention they deserve. I am trying to focus more on raising puppies instead of just breeding them. If you are interested in an upcoming litter please watch for updates posted here on this page.

At this time we plan to move forward with 3 girls, Amara, Winter and Reign. Autumn will be getting spayed in a few weeks. If you have been following you know we considered this last year but our sweet Ghost had other plans. haha We are going to try to avoid that this time around. We want to keep our program small, and even though Autumn will no longer be bred she is our family and will remain here. I cant have coffee without Muffin cuddles and we know she will be a wonderful grandma and auntie!

I plan to continue with Puppy Culture, and while I was doing a variety of socialization and enrichment with our previous litters this program takes it even further and I feel really makes a difference. I am still learning, but I think as I become more familiar with it and proficient at it, it will be even better. I have already invested in more Puppy Culture training material and I look forward to studying and implementing that in our future litters.

We will continue with our vet approved deworming and vaccination schedule. I think it worked well with me administering Neopar at about 5.5 weeks and our vet doing a vet check, fecal and administering the combo vaccination at about 7.5 weeks.

We are still working on our kitchen, and I am excited that our hot mess of a house is getting the face lift it deserves. haha I am also trying to get our yard back in shape and I am trying to dedicate a portion of the yard for the pack and get them to use it. I am looking to build and or purchase equipment for them. I am excited that we only have a little over a month left of school, I love summers with my kiddo and the pack. 😀

If you have any questions please feel free to message me.