March Again? {Texas Siberian Huskies}

Well, it’s March again… or is it still? It’s been a crazy year for sure. We survived the Snow Apocalypses and several days with little to no electricity and a broken pipe. I never want to be that cold again. My son and his girlfriend (who is expecting) had to stay with us while all the water leaks were being fixed in their home. At the same time my hubby came home after being gone for 2 weeks only to have to isolate because he had direct contact with someone who tested positive at work. We found out after he was home for 24 hours and we were very concerned especially for my son’s pregnant girlfriend. Thankfully he never had symptoms and just to be sure he wasn’t asymptomatic he had a test done. All is well.

We have been working on our garden and of course have work still to do with the kitchen remodel. Hubby working out of town makes home projects difficult but we keep plugging along. This next project is closer to home so hopefully that means we can finish things up.