Family/Pack Update

We are doing well. So much is going on, I’m not sure where to start.

Reign is recovering very nicely from having laceration repair surgery. Mazikeen, the puppy we kept from her recent litter is a dream and doing great. We are working on socialization and foundation training with her. It feels good to put my knowledge to work and start building experience. I hope to start making video of her progress once I get my training area set up. Having anxiety this is a huge step for me but one I think I need to take to help me gain experience and confidence.

Jasper has been with us for 3 months and he has settled in nicely. He is still a good boy who loves everyone he meets. My kids have all fallen in love with him. Of course another male (unaltered) means we have to really up our management skills to keep everyone happy. I am so thankful that he adapts easily.

Winter will be paired with Ghost and I will post after mating has taken place. We will take 2-3 pre birth deposits. Based on pedigree we expect a traditional litter of black and whites, and grey and whites with a small chance for white. Reds are not expected. Woolly and Standard coats are expected. Blue eyes are probable but all eye colors are possible.

Our beautiful grandpuppy, Belle (the Saint Bernard) lost her battle with cancer and peacefully went over the Rainbow Bridge. We miss her dearly.

I am fully homeschooling my son. This is time consuming but so far we are enjoying the freedom to explore subjects and really learn material. I am now utilizing planners to keep me organized. I wish I knew what a costly hobby this was going to be before I started. 😀 I hope to start prepping for a larger spring garden this year. Maybe add a few fruit trees. I’m not the greatest at planets and gardening but I’m gonna try. Our hens are finally starting to lay eggs, and the dogs are loving the rewards. haha

That about sums it up. I hope your 2021 is off to a better start.

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