Reflecting on 2020 and Moving Forward {Texas Huskies}

I started 2020 out on a huge high. I took a real course for the first time in over 29 years. I had myself convinced I would fail before I started but in a flash on January 1st I purchased the course (through Karen Pryor Academy) and dove in. I shocked myself by finishing in less than 2 weeks becoming a certified Puppy Start Right Instructor. I had goals and plans to set up my Puppy Socialization and Foundation Training business but it all came crashing down as Covid hit. I didn’t give up, I took Avidog Puppy Socialization course and a few months later took VS-Behavior and Training Foundation Course. In 2021 I am going to get my puppy socialization and training started as well as investing in and pursuing my dog training certification. While I am going to focus on puppies and currently have my education to do that, I feel a full dog training certification will give me the knowledge I need to be a more rounded trainer. Also I just really enjoy learning about things I love. In 2020 I finally have a goal, a dream and a passion. It feels great.

I am always reminded that nature is a bitch, that I don’t know the things I think I do, and that no matter how hard I try, things can and will go wrong. 2020 was no different. All we can do is try to learn, and move forward. My dogs will always be my pets, my companions, my anti anxiety helpers, and my family. I love breeding, nurturing, raising and training. I love sharing my love and excitement with puppy families. We have made decisions recently to try to do better. We added a beautiful boy who will be our main stud by 2022. Because our dog are family first we have decided we will not be adding anymore for many years to come….. if ever. My heart says “there is always room for more” but my time, energy and anxiety say otherwise. I am not sure how much longer we will do this. I know so many who are burnt out, the stress of it all becomes overwhelming. I just remind myself this is not a job it is a joy. When it is no longer a joy is when I know we are done.

In 2020, we found out our grand puppy, Belle had cancer and maybe only a few months left with us. She is still here with us fighting but we are not sure for how much longer. Months later our Nikita suddenly lost mobility in her back end. We doubted she would improve. I was determined that if I had to support her, carry her, and wheel her around I would do everything I could for as long as she was willing to fight. She surprised us all by slowly regaining movement. She was well enough to accompany us on a beach trip for our beloved Belle. 2020 taught us to cherish each moment.

2020, the year of, fires, blm, toilet paper shortage, covid and covid deniers, masks and mask deniers, elections and well, I’ll just leave it at that. I guess I can say people were defiantly passionate this year no matter what side they were on.

I hope 2021 brings peace, love, change, hope, growth, kindness and good fortune to you all!

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