Revisiting Registries! [Texas Huskies}

Each registry depends on the honesty and integrity of the breeder to submit truthful documents. Yes, some registries are closed while others are still open, and yes some registries have a more reputable history than others but all that is for nothing the minute someone uses a different sire’s registration number to turn an “oops” litter into a registered litter, uses a deceased dog’s registration number to fake a champion pedigree, or uses old litter registrations to register a dog they got off craigslist. I know the history and value of registrations, I respect that and if a specific registration is what you need, than by all means only pursue that registry. But its juvenile to try to bash and dismiss certain ones for being less reputable while the most popular one is the one being forged and faked more often because of that myth. If a trashy breeder knows they can make more money per pup with AKC, that’s the one they are going to try to fake. So until a registry sends a rep out to personally DNA test every dog and every litter to confirm breed and lineage, then really a registry is only as reputable as the breeder using it. If you don’t trust your breeder, don’t purchase from them.

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