Deposits, Reserves, Wait Lists

One of the hardest things to do as a breeder is plan out how to best accept deposits and handle reserve pick spots and waiting lists. It seems we can never please all the people all the time.

Back in the olden days when puppies reached 8 weeks old, breeders evaluated pups based on “quality” (pet, breeding, showing, performance, etc) priced them based on evaluation and went on to list them for sale. People visited and picked their puppy based on which best suited their needs. *

Flash forward to now when everyone wants a certain color, gender, and they want what they want NOW!! If I accepted every non refundable deposit offered to me I would have my litters sold for over a year. It also doesn’t help that all breeders handle deposits and waiting list differently and there is no right or wrong way. We all do what’s best for us, whether that be taking deposits for litters planned months or years in the future, taking deposits once the pair has bred, or not taking deposits until the puppies reach a certain age. There are also people who keep a structured waiting list and weeds through them at each litter, people who charge a fee to be placed on the waiting list, people who keep a less formal contact list or people who ask interested parties to contact them if they are still interested once the litter is born. Again a lot of these options are based on our past experience as breeders.

I have tried many different ways from taking deposits early to not taking deposits until the litter is born to keeping long waiting lists. Long waiting lists do not work, people move on to other breeders, people change their mind, refuse to answer emails and often seriously interested people are discouraged and go elsewhere because the list is to long. I refuse to take money (non refundable deposits) to lock people into buying only from me so taking deposits on future litters does not sit well with me. People should be able to change their mind without losing hundreds of dollars. So here is what works for me:

  • I only accept deposits on litters after breeding takes place. This assures there is a good chance a litter is actually on the way and we know exactly who the sire is. Sometimes sires change due to a great number of reasons. If you were wanting a certain pairing and it changes I would hate for you to be disappointed and locked into that litter or rolling over to another.
  • I only take a limited amount of pre birth deposits. 2-3 normally. This prevents me taking more deposits then pups are available and forcing people to roll their deposits over to another litter or losing their deposit.
  • I take deposits for 1st pick, 2nd pick, etc. I do not reserve picks for gender or coat color. I can not control genetics therefore I can not guarantee your desired gender or color will be produced. For example my first litter was 7 males!
  • I do not keep a structured waiting list because the only way that would realistically work is if I took either a waiting list fee or full deposit. And while that benefits me greatly it locks you into purchasing from me and not changing your mind. I do not think that is fair.
  • I advise all interested parties to keep track of upcoming litters by following my Facebook page. Once a litter is born contact me to let me know you are interested in placing a deposits after 1st and 2nd pick have chosen.
  • I accept deposits based on the questionnaire/application first and order the applications come in second. I need a puppy application on file for all potential buyers/families.
  • I can refuse to sell to you for any reason and at any time.
  • Placing a deposit means you are committed to the purchase process and your deposit is not refundable!
  • If something unforeseen comes up and you are no longer able to purchase the puppy, your deposit will roll over to a future litter. Please note this is only good for one year from the time a deposit is placed.
  • I always reserve the right to first pick of any litter if a puppy is produced that will improve or complement my program. So if that happens first pick will move to second, and so forth.
  • I will not hold a puppy without a deposit. Full payment is due by the time the puppy is 8 weeks and must be paid before pick up. I will not release the puppy to you in good faith that you will continue to make payments.

I hope that helps clarify why I do things the way I do. It is a bit complicated and things do not always come across well written. If you have any questions please let me know.

*based on my experience when my mom bred and showed in the 80’s.

© aka DO NOT use, copy, repost, publish, distribute without written consent! 

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