Split Heat {Texas Husky Breeder}

Once again Mother Nature has thrown us for a loop and we are having another “first” for us. We believe Winter is in the second phase of a split heat. This is absolutely a learning moment and I have researched and contacted a breeder friend with more experience. We are going to keep an eye on Reign and Millie as Winter coming into heat can pull them in and they can possibly sync back up. If this is in fact a fertile heat and Tyrion shows interest we will proceed with breeding as we have a nice waiting list started. Otherwise we will wait it out and see how her cycle regulates and proceed from there. At this time he is showing little interest, but that can change once she starts ovulating.

“On the first stage, the bitch will naturally attract male dogs and you will usually see vaginal bleeding and vulvar swelling. Up until now, it seems like a very normal heat. The problem is that the female does not move to the normal oestrus phase but instead goes out of heat without being receptive and ready for breeding. The second and final phase of the cycle will roughly take place 2 weeks to 3 months later. Most times it happens, no medication will be given or required and the upcoming cycle will retain the normal schedule.” breedingbusiness.com/abnormal-heat-in-dogs

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