Introducing Zoom Meetings

I am super excited to use Zoom for virtual meetings with Puppy Families. I have already been brainstorming and setting it up for virtual puppy preschool classes. Because we do Puppy Culture and I am certified Puppy Start Right Instructor, it made since that we take this time to allow you to observe the Puppy Culture Protocols and to Problem Solve common puppy issues BEFORE they go home! This is a huge addition to our program that I hope will benefit puppy families.

Scheduling my be short notice as the puppies get older because the protocols are done based on development and not age. I do have the first 2 meetings scheduled. I’ll try to have future meetings planned at least a coupe days in advance.

Thur April 22nd: Introducing a potty area. Discussion to include potty boxes, getting your puppy area set up, potty/house training. Puppy Show Off. 7:30pm – 8:00pm

Thur April 30th: Introduction to Solids. Discussion to include, foods, treats, add ins (toppers), supplements. Puppy Show Off. 7:30pm – 8:00pm

While NOT necessary, Puppy Culture (The Powerful First 12 weeks) is available for purchase and/or video on demand streaming if you would like to broaden your knowledge and or follow along. Order HERE.

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