Fury enjoying his “extras” {Texas Husky Puppies}

So this is the first time I have supplemented a puppy just to make sure he gets enough and to help momma out a bit. Fury is our runt. I’m not a fan of that term so let’s just say he’s the little guy. Born strong just half the size of his litter mates. He seems to be doing great, but because his big brothers get a bit pushy at the milk bar we are offering him a bottle and giving him one on on one with momma. 😀 I will try to get one week photos taken and uploaded this weekend.

This is the room and environment the puppies are in. It is the same room we have used for the last several years. (It is one of the rooms we have not remodeled yet.) It is upstairs so it is secluded from the pack, and right next to my master bedroom.

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