She’s staying! {Texas Siberian Huskies}

As many of you may have noticed, Morrigan has had a very extensive stay. Transportation and scheduling has been the main issue for the delay. If any puppies stay for any length of time they are treated like my pack, I don’t know any other way. We ran the risk of Morrigan and the pack becoming bonded but I really wanted Evelyn to have her. We are pretty full up here at our lil husky ranch. Evelyn suggested Morrigan should stay several times but I assured her I had no problem holding her as long as she needed.

The decision was made by Evelyn that it would be the best for Morrigan if she stayed. I was not ready for this and had to talk to my husband and kids. I cried at the thought of finding her a home (other than being with Evelyn) and really apprehensive about keeping her. My kids pointed out how bonded we have become, and my husband pointed out how great she is doing with her training and how she has really helped me on my training journey.

So it looks like Little Morri will be staying. My main goal at this time is to continue to pursue my training certification(s) and start my puppy preschool. This decision has thrown a slight kink in my plans as far as dogs go but I believe the universe knows best. I do think we will continue Morri’s training and we will work towards her CGC and possibly other sporting competitions. Thank you all for supporting us and following us on our Husky Journey. I want to thank Evelyn for always having the best interest of her pups in mind. I don’t think many would have made that decision.

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