I hate talking about money, but it’s time. We all are hurting by inflation/cooperate greed. I have tried to not raise prices because it is more important to me that my babies end up in forever family homes than catering to people who can afford their passing interest. From $1700 to $3500+, the price of local litters are increasing and it is just mind boggling. But as hard as I have tired, I can’t fight off the effect of these soaring prices any longer. My vet bills have more than doubled and I’m told by the staff that they will continue to go up each quarter. Food (kibble and fresh food), medical, cleaning and care supplies, toys, housing and husbandry items have all increased. I spare no expense on my dogs and litters. We are strict with our belief that our dogs deserve the best care possible. Our litters get fresh new toys, the best food, new bedding, new care items, fresh/new medical items, and our enrichment/socialization equipment has to be maintained and replaced as needed. After much debate we decided to slowly increase our prices. We will increase by $50 January 2023 and $50 again in July 2023. That will bring our price to $1000 for limited registration ( spay neuter contract). At the end of 2023 we will reevaluate the financial situation and make a decision then. Hopefully things will calm down and prices will stabilize.

If you submitted your puppy application or we discussed your desire for a future puppy before January 2023 you are locked into the Dec 2022 price. Also we do offer a discount for returning Supernova Families! If you have any questions, please let me know.