Fun and Exciting News

We have some exciting news. Our dear friend and Supernova family member, Georgette, will be visiting us in May. Georgette is a certified dog trainer who is pursuing her Certificate in Applied Animal Behavior. She is writing a book on puppy development and like me, she believes strongly that the key to keeping puppies in homes depends heavily on the start they are given. This includes everyone who comes into contact with puppies, from breeders and veterinarians to new families and trainers. Georgette, will be here for 2 days to observe our puppies, my interaction with our litters and to assist with socialization, and enrichment, including Puppy Culture protocols to gather information for her book. I wonder if there will be a chapter on the benefits of puppy breath kisses? I am very honored to have her visit with us and can’t wait to learn as much as I can from her . Please feel free to check out Georgette’s website for more information on her, her education, awards and training philosophy. Positive Training ABQ

Georgette with Gaston