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I am so sorry for the lack of updates with Winter. It has ben a bit hectic to say the least. She is doing great though. The last few days she has not wanted to finish her meals, we have had to encourage her with add ins and toppers and she is still picking and eating slow. She is cuddly and loving, still playful with Muffin and Tyrion who she is hanging out with a lot now. According to the pregnancy calculator she is nearing the end of Week 6. I’d like to take this time to remind you all the due dates are estimates and my girls tend to go several days past them. The last week of pregnancy we go on Puppy Watch and take care to never leave our girls alone and I never go far. (just normal household errands). All of our pre birth deposits are reserved and we will take remaining deposits once we are sure the litter is thriving, and the first 3 reserve picks have chosen.

March 1 – March 7

Week 6

  • During the last several weeks, your dog’s nutritional needs nearly double. Feed small meals several times a day.
  • Increase water.
  • Enlargement of mammary glands as nipples darken and enlarge.
  • Your girl could start to be less comfortable, and could vomit on occasion.
  • There may be some clear fluid discharge from the vulva. This is normal.
  • Pigment develops as the pups keep growing.
  • Eyes and lids have formed and remain closed till 2 weeks after birth.

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