Upcoming Litter {Texas Husky Breeder}

Our final planned litter for 2020 is between Reign and Stark. This will be Stark’s final litter. We expect Reign to come into heat at anytime based on the 6 month average. I unfortunately can not control nature and like human females cycles can be late, and or irregular. Millie has finally started her cycle and because girls often sync up I expect Reign will be starting anytime.

Reign has had smaller size litters previously (4 puppies). I do plan on holding back the females for evaluation. So while males will be available for deposit early, females will not be available for several weeks (after I have picked). I will take one deposit once we have a confirmed breeding. All other deposits will be taken after the litter is born.

*Sire is subject to change. There are many reasons this can happen. If it does I will update asap.

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