Puppy Socialization

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There is a lot of talk about puppy socialization, but the truth is many breeders, owners, and even some veterinarian staff really do not know what it is. They just have an outdated idea.

I am passionate about Early Puppy Socialization and Training. I am a certified Puppy Start Right Preschool Instructor. I am proficient in the Puppy Culture program as well as many of it’s companion videos and books.  I am pursuing my dog training certification this Fall. You may be surprised to know that puppy socialization is so much more than puppies meeting the neighbor kids and other family pets.  While socialization is important throughout the first year of life, there is a crucial socialization period between 3-12 weeks (up to 16 weeks in some studies). What your puppy learns during this important developmental stage will likely shape his behavior for the rest of his life. We socialize your puppies to novel stimuli including but not limited to people, pets, surfaces, sounds, everyday house hold items, grooming/husbandry, and more. I also introduce clicker training and follow Puppy Culture Protocols. Proper early puppy socialization creates the foundation for enrichment seeking, confident, well adjusted, friendly companions. I support and practice science based, positive reinforcement.

Supernova Siberians uses online streaming and meeting software to allow new puppy families to follow their puppies socialization, enrichment and training from birth to 8 weeks. We have New Puppy Family Only meetings to discuss your puppies progress and discuss and problem solve common puppy behaviors before they go home! Puppy Culture is an investment and a very popular puppy program, sadly many breeders lie about using it. They emulate what they see other breeders doing resulting in protocols being done incorrectly if even at all. Puppy Socialization done incorrectly can actually cause fearful puppies and even create the problems we are trying to prevent! Beware of breeders using buzz words to make the sell but really they have no idea of what they are doing! We offer live steaming of Puppy Culture protocols and video recording of enrichment and socialization sessions. We don’t just throw toys in a pen to give the illusion that we know what we are doing, we give explanations of what the equipment and or activity provides and why we introduce it. Puppy Play has a purpose!

Our Private Puppy Parent Portal (password protected) on this website provides info and links for our new puppy parents.

If you have any questions about our litters or Puppy Socialization please feel free to contact me. SupernovaSiberians@gmail.com SitnStayPawsitive is my puppy training website!

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