False Pregnancy

Several days ago I noticed Amara, acting moody and out of sorts. After keeping an eye on her I think she may be having a false pregnancy. This is not uncommon, and I suspected this may happen to one of the three girls since we skipped breeding this cycle. Because we had purchased plane tickets for a trip in May, we took precautions to not allow the girls near Tyrion (Ghost was kept in his yard). But as I continue to watch her, I am a bit nervous (thanks anxiety) that she may be pregnant. As I further research false pregnancy I have learned that it can in fact mimic pregnancy to even include nesting, milk production, labor symptoms and adopting toys. So we will continue to watch her and pray that this is in fact a false pregnancy.

*if things change I will let you all know. I understand that will open myself up to criticism from others but it is what it is.