Due Dates Approaching {Texas Husky Breeder}

Expected Date of Whelp.

  • Expected date of whelp. Average is 63 days but may take place from the 58th to the 68th day.
  • Start taking rectal temperatures. Normal is 99.5 to 101. A drop to 97 – 98 on two readings an hour apart will mean the start of pre-labor.
  • Appetite will disappear as whelping approaches.
  • Your dam, may appear restless, and will be uncomfortable, and stretch out a lot.
  • May see a clear discharge from the vulva.
  • At onset of labor may pace, dig, shiver, pant and/or vomit.
  • First fetus will be delivered within 4 hours of the onset of labor.

Good Morning. Well, it’s finally here. Due dates are this week. All 3 girls are doing great. But with my girl’s history there is a good chance we wont have pups until late this week / early next week. I went though my records, with their previous pregnancy: Amara went 4 days past due date, Winter went 3 days past due date and Reign went 2 days past due date. I have never had a girl go before or on her due date. Of course now that I said that, this time will be different. *haha*

Just a reminder that all pre birth deposits are reserved. We will have plenty of puppies available for deposit after the reserve picks have chosen. Deposits will be accepted on a first come first serve basis with approved puppy questionnaire. Please feel free to fill out the puppy questionnaire (application) and email it to me if you are interested in a puppy. Deposits are $300 and due at the time you pick your puppy. The remaining $550 will be due at pick up (when pups are 8 weeks) If you rather make payments you can, but final payment is still due at pick up. If you have any questions, please email me. SupernovaSiberians@gmail.com

Supernova Siberian Huskies do not breed for eye color. We advise all potential families to research the breed fully before placing a deposit and committing to the purchase process.

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