New Enrichment Equipment {Texas Huskies}

My husband and I brainstormed and ordered enrichment equipment and toys. My husband is good at reining me in and questioning me about why we need it and the purpose it will serve. If not I will go overboard and end up with an obnoxious amount of stuff with no real reason other than I think it is cute. haha So we got our order in and I am very happy with it. Toys and equipment will be rotated between the litters. Today we sanded and painted our teeter boards and wobble boards. The same ones we used with the previous litters. They needed to be freshened up a bit. We are also working on creating a small designated outdoor puppy play area. 😀 I wanted to remind you that while enrichment equipment is super important I feel the most important part of our puppy raising is the Puppy Culture protocols. The Communication Trinity, Crate Conditioning, Shaping Emotional Response, Introducing Recall, Etc. I started out as a critic of this program and now I am believer. Our previous litters were my first Puppy Culture litters and I was a bit unsure of myself….. I am hoping that this time around we can take it even further. We recommend ALL new puppy buyers purchase their own copy of the Original Puppy Culture Film. If the cost is a factor for you, consider asking your library to order a copy for you to borrow.

A LOOK INSIDE PUPPY CULTURE from Jane Killion on Vimeo.

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