Puppy Food, Vitamins, and Treats {Husky Breeder in Texas}

FOOD:  Your puppy is being weaned onto Victor Ultra Pro, Grain Free, ALL Life STAGES. This is a 5 star food as rated by dogfoodadvisor.com.  I suggest you keep your puppy on this food or another high quality dog food!  You will be given a sample bag in your puppy pack.  Not sure where to buy Victor food?  Their website has a store locator, victorpetfood.com, you can also order from chewy.com.  If you decided to offer a different food, please transition slowly to prevent unwanted stress and stomach upset.  I also suggest you look into healthy human foods that are beneficial to your pet and can be added to kibble or fed as treats.

VITAMINS:  We STRONGLY suggest all new puppy owners keep their puppy on NuVet Plus for the pets lifetime.  If that is not possible for you, please consider keeping them on it for  6-12 months to ensure they are getting proper nutrition for optimal growth. More info about Nuvet Plus and ordering info can be found here. supernovasiberianhuskies.com/nuvet/.  Your puppy will go home with a 3 day sample of Nuvet.  If you plan on using Nuvet, please order now to make sure you have it when puppy gets home.

TREATS:  We do not purchase dog treats, we choose to make our own.  If you do buy treats we suggest grain free all natural treats. Dr Karen Becker (can find online, and on facebook) has several treat recipes as well as advice on adding fresh foods to your dogs diet.