Pregnancy Update: (6th and 7th week) {Siberian Husky Breeder in Texas}

We are in the final stretch of Amara and Autumn’s pregnancies.  Both girls are doing great.  We can defiantly see a baby belly on Amara and the hint of a belly on Autumn. I will be spending this week, cleaning and disinfecting each puppy room, whelping pool, bedding, etc.

Here is what the calendar says to expect in the coming week.

Amara; Week 7

*May shred paper, blankets, or bedding

*May become irratable

*definite abdominal enlargement

*Abdomen hair will start shedding

Autumn: Week 6

*Feed smaller meals several times a day

*Increase water

*Enlargements of mammary glands

*May be discharge from vulva