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A: I prefer all my pups got to pet homes, and I give pet homes priority. I am obviously not against breeding, but I am against newbie breeders wanting to put 2 dogs together to try to make a quick buck.  Most people looking to breed have not researched the breed, and have not researched breeding. They know very little about how to read a pedigree, genetics, the ins and outs and ups and downs of breeding.  I am open to working with well established, knowledgeable breeders who have similar goals for their breeding program that I do

A: AKC, UKC, CKC ,APRI, ACA, are dog registries. They simply keep track of your dogs lineage (pedigree). A pedigree proves your dog is pure bred, and gives info on past generations to help breeders better understand their dogs lines and genetics. Some kennel clubs put on dog shows, agility trials, etc. AKC is the oldest registry and most known in the United States. CKC is newer and is still an open registry. As more and more breeders dual and triple register dogs, you can find more and more dogs with AKC based pedigrees in other registries. For example, Tyrion is AKC and CKC registered.   ALL registries can be scammed. There are cases all the time where AKC is revoking registrations because breeders lie about the sire or dam, use unused puppy registrations to registers unregistered dogs, even listing dead dogs as parents to forge AKC paperwork and registration. So my point is this, a registry is ONLY as reputable as the breeder using it! A dog registry does not ensure health, temperament, and they are not the dog police.   They make money registering dogs, that’s it.

A: No, not at this time.

A: No. Deposits are non refundable (but transferable). We do not breed for eye color and do not make guarantees based on eye color even in older pups. If you only want a husky because it has blue eyes I suggest you find a different breeder.

A: Absolutely not and anyone who does is scamming you. There are NO rare coat colors, eye colors and one gender is not worth more than the other!

A: YES! Our pups see our vet at any indication there is a problem.  They ALL see the vet between 7 1/2 and 8 weeks for a hands on vet check, 8 week shots and a fecal exam.  We do not allow our pups to leave without first being checked by our vet.  All records and proof of visit go home with your puppy.

A: Most defiantly. All puppies leave current on vaccinations and have been dewormed on schedule.

A: NEVER! Our pups stay here with us for 8 weeks before going to their forever home. We breed, whelp, raise and find homes for all our pups ourselves! Rest assured that when you talk to me you are talking to the person who has invested all her time in her pups and stays with them throughout the first 2 months of their life. We are committed to raising our puppies and finding them good homes. We do not use a broker or sell to pet stores.  We do not have multiple locations, unseen partners, or house our dogs off site.

A: I refuse to bash other breeders. Many breeders run their program differently and that’s ok. It doesn’t mean it is wrong. With that being said there are many shady breeders statewide and nationwide who embellish, exaggerate, and lie about their dogs, their lines and their program. They also use photos and video to hide how their puppies are raised. I advise you to ask questions, and more questions. If claims are made on lines (Champion lines, Ch parents, Showing, Working, Service dogs, Genetic test, etc) ask for proof!  If you don’t feel comfortable, don’t put down a deposit!

A: We are always willing to help any husky in need and I can assist in finding a home by placing ads or putting you in contact with legit rescue operations.  But we are not a rescue organization. There is a lot of paperwork needed to become a true non profit rescue organization. Please beware that there are breeders (puppy mills) who pretend to be rescues to get free breeding stock. There are also scammers who use rescuing as a way accept donations and get money. They promise the money is for vet bills and pet supplies but it goes into their pocket. Please do your research before surrendering your dog or donating to an organization. If anyone claims to be a nonprofit organization ask to see proof/paperwork.

With that being said, our purchase contract does state that any Supernova puppy can not be rehomed without our approval first and if need be should be returned to us. 

A: No, we are not set up to board and there are licenses and legalities involved that we do not have.

A: I am not an expect, but here is what I was taught growing up in a show home.  Neither assures your pup will be show quality, and any claim outside the first 3 to 4  generations is irrelevant and has little impact on your pup. Champion lines can show that your pup has breed standard dogs in their pedigree making the assumption that the chances are greater that your dog adheres to breed standards. It does not assure health, and temperament. Your chances for show quality improves with a Champion parent. But if that Champion parent was bred to a pet quality pup, that means your chances for a show quality pup is greatly diminished. Of course Champion to show quality or Champion to Champion gives the highest chance at a show quality pup, but there is still no guarantee.

A: I really encourage you to research the Siberian Husky, they have a fascinating history. Here is my quick version. The Siberian Husky was originally brought to this country by Leonhard Seppala, and were bred to work/pull sleds.  As time went on the breed split between the Show standard and the Working dogs.  A select group of breeders worked hard to maintain breeding dogs that could excel at racing/pulling while maintaining the standard and lines set by Leonhard Seppala. Those huskies become known as Seppalas.  They are still registered as Siberian Huskies but there is a movement within the community to try to create a separate breed and a separate breed standard for high content Seppala Siberian Huskies.  For a more in depth history of Seppala Siberians, please visit or

A: All my dogs have very agreeable temperaments. While their personalities differ, they all have very even temperaments. Our dogs are all trained in basic obedience, and our puppies all go though age appropriate socialization and enrichment activities. We have ALWAYS provided our pups with enrichment activities such as being exposed to different sounds, textures, water and ice play. We introduce crate training and all our pups are potty box trained. Introduction to outside happens after first vaccinations. We also socialize and play “games” that help with resource guarding (food, toys, etc).  We have recently purchased the Puppy Culture Program and plan to implement it into our socialization program. It is up to you to continue to socialize and train your pup.  We recommend all puppies attend a puppy class and at least a basic obedience class.  

A: I have placed puppies in homes where they are emotional support companions. I have not placed any in homes where they are service dogs preforming tasks for individuals in need or with a disability.  I highly suggest you have a trainer ready to assist you in choosing the best puppy and start training early.  I can not at any time guarantee you the puppy you choose will meet all requirements for a service dog, which is why I highly suggest you meet with a trainer before picking a puppy.

A: Again, I can not speak on other breeder’s program and what they charge. I know there are breeders in the state that charge $400 – $600 more per pup.  I also know breeders in the state that charge $200 – $300 less. I price my pups based on the quality of the pup, the time we spend socializing and caring for our puppies, my breeding expenses, as well as try to stay affordable to the average family looking to add a husky to their family.

A: All of our dogs are up to date on vaccinations and have regular vet check ups.  At the time of breeding our dogs have no known signs of illness or disease. I would never knowing breed dogs that were sick or that I knew had issues in their lines. At this time our dogs are not ofa tested. I am on the fence about it because ofa testing it not a guarantee that your dog does not carry the genes, it just shows they are not currently showing signs or symptoms of that illness.

A: No. Our focus is on Siberian Huskies and Siberian Huskies only. You can sometimes find breeders who breed 2 different breeds that they love, but I would really rethink buying from anyone who breeds multiple (3+) breeds.  It is often a sign of a puppy mill or someone who is trying to increase their profit by appealing to a larger market!


A. Of course.

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