Q: Can you tell me about another breeder in your area?

A: There are many shady breeders statewide and nationwide who embellish, exaggerate, and lie about their dogs, their lines, how their dogs are raised and their program. They also use photos and video to hide how their puppies are raised. I advise you to ask questions, and more questions. Ask to see videos or live stream of where the puppies are born, conditions parents live in, and where the puppy spends it’s time. If claims are made on lines (Champion lines, Champion parents, Showing, Working, Service dogs, Genetic test, etc) ask for proof! If you see the same photos over and over, if you do not see any new activity of showing or working, if you only see puppies in a “staged” set up, if you get the feeling they are over breeding their dogs, if you don’t feel comfortable, don’t put down a deposit!

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