Q: Do your puppies come fully trained?

While I am a certified Puppy Preschool Trainer (pursuing my Dog Training Certification) it is unrealistic to think that your puppy would be fully trained at 8 weeks. Our puppies all go though age and developmentally appropriate socialization and enrichment activities. All of our Puppies are raised with Puppy Culture. We do extensive enrichment activities, protocols based on developmental stages, as well as potty box training, clicker training, crate conditioning, we also desensitize puppies to typical household sounds, city and nature sounds as well as fireworks and thunderstorms. We also do in depth socialization and play “games” that help with resource guarding (food, toys, etc). It is up to you to continue to socialize and train your pup.  We recommend all puppies continue Puppy Culture and attend an Early Puppy Socialization class followed by a basic manners class. Please read the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior’s view of the importance of Early Puppy Socialization HERE!

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