Q: What’s the difference between all the different registries? 

A: AKC, UKC, CKC ,APRI, ACA, are dog registries. They simply keep track of your dogs lineage (pedigree). A pedigree proves your dog is pure bred, and gives info on past generations to help breeders better understand their dogs lines and genetics. Some kennel clubs put on dog shows, agility trials, etc. AKC is the oldest registry and most known in the United States. CKC is newer and is still an open registry. As more and more breeders dual and triple register dogs, you can find more and more dogs with AKC based pedigrees in other registries. For example, Tyrion is AKC and CKC registered.   ALL registries can be scammed. There are cases all the time where AKC is revoking registrations because breeders lie about the sire or dam, use unused puppy registrations to registers unregistered dogs, even listing dead dogs as parents to forge AKC paperwork and registration. So my point is this, a registry is ONLY as reputable as the breeder using it! A dog registry does not ensure health, temperament, and they are not the dog police.   They make money registering dogs, that’s it.

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