Q: What are your dogs temperaments like? Do your puppies come fully trained?

A: All my dogs have very agreeable temperaments. While their personalities differ, they all have very even temperaments. Our dogs are all trained in basic obedience, and our puppies all go though age appropriate socialization and enrichment activities. We have ALWAYS provided our pups with enrichment activities such as being exposed to different sounds, textures, water and ice play. We introduce crate training and all our pups are potty box trained. Introduction to outside happens after first vaccinations. We also socialize and play “games” that help with resource guarding (food, toys, etc).  We have recently purchased the Puppy Culture Program and plan to implement it into our socialization program. It is up to you to continue to socialize and train your pup.  We recommend all puppies attend a puppy class and at least a basic obedience class.  

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