Q: Are you a rescue?

A: We are always willing to help any husky in need and I can assist in finding a home by placing ads or putting you in contact with legit rescue operations.  But we are not a rescue organization. There is a lot of paperwork needed to become a true non profit rescue organization. Please beware that there are breeders (puppy mills) who pretend to be rescues to get free breeding stock. There are also scammers who use rescuing as a way accept donations and get money. They promise the money is for vet bills and pet supplies but it goes into their pocket. Please do your research before surrendering your dog or donating to an organization. If anyone claims to be a nonprofit organization ask to see proof/paperwork.

With that being said, our purchase contract does state that any Supernova puppy can not be rehomed without our approval first and if need be should be returned to us. 

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