This is a sample of my deposit contract.  Please contact me for more information or if you have any questions.

*Breeders: Please do not take/copy without permission*

Deposit Contract

Supernova Siberian Huskies 210-606-0008

_____________(sire) ::: ______________(dam)

______Registered Litter ::: Total Price is $______

-My deposit is $300 and non refundable.

-My deposit shows my intent to purchase a puppy and prevents the pup of my choice from being sold to someone else. (and or reserves my place in line to pick my pup)

-I understand that while my deposit is non refundable it is transferable to another litter up to one year (12 months) from the time it is placed.

-I understand that eye color is never guaranteed. Supernova Siberian Huskies does not breed for eye color. Eye color is not a reason to transfer my deposit to another litter.

-I understand that my remaining balance of $_____ is due at the time of pick up. Total balance must be paid and the pup must be picked up by the time it is 8 weeks old.  *additional cost will be added for pups not picked up by 8 weeks of age unless previous arrangements are made.

-I have read and I agree to purchase contract.

-I have completed and submitted my application.

Buyer :__________________________________ Date:__________________


Supernova Siberian Huskies has received nonrefundable $300 deposit:

Seller: ___________________________________ Date: __________________