Looking forward to 2020

At this time all our current puppies have homes. I am so thankful for our wonderful families. We are already looking forward to 2020 and hopefully to the blessing it brings.

Depending on their cycle, we plan on skipping the next heat for all our girls. We have several reasons, but the main one is we are trying to plan a small vacation the end of Spring and do not want to risk having girls due or pups. My oldest two children will be watching the pack and we do not want any issues while we are away.

While we are taking a break I plan on taking a Karen Pryor Academy training class. I am excited to take the Puppy Start Right class and become certified to teach Puppy Socialization classes for puppies 8-12 weeks. I have also been told by several trainers that this is the perfect companion class for Puppy Culture breeders.

I will be continuing with Puppy Culture and look forward to the opening of Madcap University where more courses will be offered and I can continue learning to better my program.

We have outlined the possible pairings on our planned litters page for the end of 2020. Nothing is certain but this is my current plans. If you are interested in a puppy but do not want to wait until the end of next year, please feel free to message me for referrals to breeders I trust.

Thank you again for all your support, I hope you continue to follow us on social media for updates on our pack and family!


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