Fall 2019 Litters {Texas Siberian Huskies}

Amara, Winter and Reign are in heat. It has been 8 months since their previous heat and this time around they have completely synced up. I know I said I didn’t want 3 litters at the same time, but we have made an exception based on our extensive interest list and our future breeding plans. Late Spring/Early Summer of 2020 my husband, myself and my youngest child are planning a mini vacation. Our first out of state trip together… ever. My older 2 children will be here puppy sitting. While we only plan on being gone a week, we DO NOT want to have puppies if I/we can not be here to care for them and train them. So the plan is to NOT have any litters the first half of 2020. In fact if they keep cycling every 8 months our next litters after this fall will not be until late 2020 early 2021.

It will be 9-11 days before the girls are ready to breed. I will post when we get confirmed breedings. I am guessing the 3 litters will be born within the same week. If you are interested in placing a deposit on our Fall 2019 litters please make sure I have a current puppy questionnaire/application on file. I will take 2 deposits per litter after breeding has taken place (to ensure we do in fact have litters on the way). We do offer return Supernova Siberian families priority. I only take 2 deposits per litter to ensure we don’t take more deposits then pups available. Remaining deposits will be taken after pups are born. **Reserve deposit holders can choose between litters but they will have to choose after reserve picks. For example. Amara’s 2nd pick can opt to pick a puppy from Winter’s litter but they will go third.

Winter x Tyrion: 1st pick available, 2nd pick available

Reign x Tyrion 1st pick reserved. 2nd pick available

Amara x Ghost: 1st pick reserved, 2nd pick available

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