Upcoming Litters: Week 7 {Texas Husky Breeders}

Week 7

Sun 17 Jun 2018 – Sat 23 Jun 2018

  • She may shred papers, blankets or bedding in an attempt at “nest building” in the last weeks.
  • During the last 2 weeks, your pet may become irritable and should avoid contact with small children.
  • Moderate exercise is the proper approach. Neither forced rest nor strenuous exercise is a good idea. Short periods of gentle play and short walks are good.
  • Definate abdominal enlargement.
  • Abdomen hair will start shedding.
  • Teats are bigger, and could contain colostrum.
  • Your girl could tire more easily, and look for a nesting box.
  • Set up the whelp box.
  • The pups are developed well, and are growing daily.
  • You may be able to detect movement of the pups.

We have growing tummies!!  Autumn continues to be a picky eater and Amara wants all the food!!  haha This week I am setting up the puppy rooms. Cleaning, disinfecting, rearranging.  We have new whelping pools that will be disinfected. I will be getting all bedding (blankets, towels, cloths) rewashed,/bleached and  ready to go.

If you ahve any questions, please feel free to contact me.

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